Top 10 Reasons to Travel the World

The planet earth is a beautiful place to live in. Its the only place in the entire universe which sustains life . It is sustaining innumerable life forms in the form of plants and animals. In our world there are more than 180 countries each having its own unique identity and characteristics . It is never enough no matter how much you explore it. There will be always something that will keep astounding you. From the microbes to the gigantic mountains our world is full of amazement. A person truly enthusiastic about knowing this world in which we live will never need a reason to explore it. But for those who always need reasons to do things might need some to go travelling around the globe. For such beings here are the top 10 reasons for you to go travelling the world.

10. It is fun.

Travelling itself is a fun filled activity. When we talk about travelling the world we are actually talking about different countries and people. All sorts of different animals and plants. Varied geographical features be it mountain or desert. All sorts of beautiful places in the world like Canada , Paris , Switzerland etc are famous for their scenic beauty. The joy of being to a new place is an ever lasting memory and a heart filled fun. Be it by yourself or with friends each country will offer you something new and we dealing with 7 continents and 1round 180 countries. It surely is going to be fun. So if you a fun loving person and want to try something new then try travelling.

9. Climate.

Most of us often stay in the same city throughout our lives or at least most part of it. We see that particular area and get get accustomed to that particular climate. Most of us don’t even realize how drastically things can change over a distance of 100 km. Going around the world gives you a chance to view different climates that exist. The snow falls occurring in some part of the world and scorching deserts in some other part. There are seas in some while there are high peaked mountains somewhere. There is a huge diversity in the climatic conditions which directly affect the wildlife of that place. You get to see certain animals only in certain parts of the world eg. Kangaroo is seen only in Australia. You will love grasping the changes in you so just go travelling around.

8. It is adventurous.

Travelling around is an adventure in its own way. When you go travelling for long periods of time you don’t carry a lot of luggage. You travel with a minimum stuff and that is quite challenging. In order to cut on expenses you take road routes and hiking which is adventure filled. Different areas have specific features. The African safari is world famous for bringing people in close proximity with the animals. Australia is famous for its close to coast whale watching. Some country offers amazing thrilling sports which cannot be found anywhere else. In short travelling around the world gives you every flavor of adventure.

7. Varied cultures and languages.

Different civilizations flourished throughout the world in different eras. Each one had its own peculiarity. Be it language or rituals and traditions the civilisations varied drastically. We have over 1000s of languages throughout the world. Different countries celebrating different festivals ; following different religions and speaking different languages. Travelling around the world gives you a chance to explore these differences. You get to see all the cultures and notice their differences and similarities. You get to learn languages. Knowing the differences helps you to accept people easily. This experience stays with you throughout your life.

6. All the exotic food.

This is one of the most interesting aspect of going to different places. Like i said each place has its own set of cultures and traditions. This resembles in the cuisine too. Each place has its own flavor and particular dishes. For eg in India there is a lot of sea food preparations towards the south and lot of spicy wholesome foods towards the north. Some places around the world are famous for their particular cuisine. Chinese food is famous throughout the world. Thailand is famous for its thai food. The US is known for its fast foods etc. So go travelling and enjoy the taste of diversity.

5. Various shopping giants.

Yet another fun filled aspect of travelling. Each place has something to offer. The varied climatic conditions give a country its unique set of resources which are extracted brilliantly by the inhabitants. Various countries are entirely known for their shopping attractions. Countries like Singapore , Malaysia , Dubai etc are becoming more and more popular each day because of the shopping range that they hold. Dubai holds world’s greatest shopping mall. It attracts the people from all over the world. So if you are a shopping fanatic then travelling is for you. shop at each destination you halt at and bring home a souvenir along.

4. All the historical facts.

Like a person has a past even a country holds a long past behind it. This past is evident from a country’s museum and libraries. There are many counties in the world that host giant museums that illustrate everything that should be known about that country. Various symbols are left behind by previous civilisations which leave us spell bounded. Be it the Pyramids of Giza- the renowned and acclaimed wonder or the Effiel tower in Paris. Be it the great wall of china or India’s Taj Mahal each country holds a beautiful collection of historical monuments. Greece is filled with history and amazing carvings. If you love the older structures and history thrills you then you should go travelling around the world.

3. Beautiful collection of art.

Each country throughout the world has its own colorful culture and history. This has given rise to unique talents that is seen in the form of various arts. Be it a dance form or singing; be it painting or carvings a country has its own integrity. Be it Da vinci or M.F Hussain an artist has its own reflection. You talk about Mona lisa in Paris or the Bharatnatyam of India or Martial arts of the Chinese and Japanese a country has its own art form. If you love art and its beauty intrigues you then travelling is for you.

2. Making new friends.

A man being a social animal can never live alone. Be it any place he lays tries to make friends. You will find it very interesting and heart warming that as a traveller people are very welcoming of you. When they learn that you are there to admire their culture and country they try to give their contribution too. On your journey you are sure to make great friends who will help you roam around might even give you shelter. Some of them might become life long friends. So go on add to your friend’s list some more names each from a new country.

1. To know yourself.

When travelling alone for long you get ample amount of time to spend with yourself. You learn things about yourself that you never noticed before. Be it taking all your decisions when on journey or staying alone all the time you seem to be able to do it all. You realise you are not that bad with your communication skills. You find out that you are not at all a coward because you have to take a stand for yourself when there is no one else around. You travel with minimum and you realize what is important for you and what are you simply wasting on. You find about your different likes and dislikes on the way. You learn various things about cultures and traditions and languages and they make you a wiser person.Travelling is not just exploring the world it is also exploring yourself. So get to know yourself even better by knowing the world a little more.

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