Top 10 Places To Visit In Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the most far-famed cities among the travelers from different regions of the globe. At this great place, you can discover a number of renowned and legendary places of 660 BC. Additionally, you can easily find hoards of travel firms plus distinguished hotels to greet the visitors. The top 10 key places that a traveler must not miss, when he/she is in the biggest city and ex-capital of Turkey, Istanbul, are as follows –

10. Misir Carsisi (Egyptian Spice Bazaar)

The real name of this market is an Egyptian spice market and is one of the oldest markets of Egypt. This market is just places along with Yami camii. This place is the second biggest bazaar of the Istanbul and is popular among the tourists since 1660.

9. Galata Bridge

The Galata Bridge is one of the popular bridges among the tourists and people of Istanbul. From the nineteenth century you might have read and heard about this bridge in different novels, theater as well as poetry. The first bridge which has its records was constructed during reign of king Justinian in the sixth century. This place is very close to land walls.

8. Mehter Concert in the Military Museum

If you are really willing to see the military and want to see their live performance, then this is the right place for you. Here you can see the live band of the military. The variety of the military bands is one of the oldest in the military marching into the world.

7. Taksim Square

The Taksim square is considered as the heart of the Istanbul. This place was built in the year of 1800 near the Taksim in the city after distribution system.

6. IstiklalCaddesi

The city was very popular among the people of Istanbul by the name of “la Grande rue Pera.” Here the Greek translation of ‘pera’ is the other side of any particular place and this word was used since this place was situated on the other side golden horn as well as the city.

5. CicekPasaji

It is one of the grandest shopping venues for the tourists from the different parts of the world. Even before the Russians who came to the marketing the late twentieth century this place was full of various types of flowers.

4. Balikpazari

This is also one of the most popular shopping places where you can find a lot of enticing goods and is considered as the best place to purchase the silver and gold. Moreover, in this place you can find each and every spice which is known to the human being.

Galata Bridge

Places To Visit In Istanbul

3. Balat & Fener

This is also one of the beautiful places of Istanbul and has remained home for the Jewish and Greek population for many years. This has until the place fell under the victimization of disrepair as well as the pollution for the several years.

2. Istanbul Modern

Istanbul Modern is the museum of the modern art and is one of the best arts available in Istanbul. At this place you can enjoy a lot of artwork of Istanbul. This place was inaugurated in 2004. This place prominently features the Turkish artwork.

1. Ortakoy

The Ortakoy district was considered as one of the romantic fishing villages in the Istanbul. However, now it is one of the affluent wave fronts in the neighborhood which is situated in the middle of the Bosporus.


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