Top 10 Places to Live After You Retire

When someone retires he or she searches for a place which is well suitable for all kind of needs that will be required after the retirement. People search for a place which is very peaceful and has a very calm environment where they find no one to disturb in any way. They just think to spend the rest of the years left in their life away from all the running they did in order to survive this very challenging world. So here we have made your search easier by giving you the top ten list where you can stay after you retire and you will just love the beauty and surrounding of these places.

10. Boquete, Panama

Our list starts with the number tenth spot and this is for the small town which is based on the banks of Caldera River named as Boquete. This beautiful place is situated on the highland of the county Panama and is very close to the border of the Costa Rica. As it is based on the mountain highland of Panama, it has a very cooler climate than you will find at any other place in Panama. Due to its beautiful sceneries it attracts millions of people from round the globe. It is a perfect destination to get settled after you get retired.

9. Tunis, Tunisia

Tunis is another city in our list where you can settle down after your retirement. This place is the capital city of the Tunisian Republic and is of the peace loving city that is fund in this world. The environment of this place is very calm and heart touching and this is the reason why it finds a place in our list. The whole city of Tunis is situated on the banks of Mediterranean Sea and are also surrounded by the huge mountain range, making it one of the most beautiful place to live. Once you visit this city, you are sure to get attracted towards it.

8. Provence, France

Provence is an area in France which is situated on the banks of the Mediterranean Sea. This south eastern region of France is very close to Italy and is one of the perfect place to settle down one you decide to get retired and wants to live the remaining life of yours peacefully. The history of this place is very old is very incredible. The climate and the natural beauty of this place is one of the major factors why people get attracted towards this place and wants to get settle down here.

7. North Dorset, England

North Dorset is one of the most popular places to get settle down after you get retired. This place is situated in the Dorset district which is based in the country of England. This place is very peaceful and is suitable in each and every way for you to get settled down here after you get retired. North Dorset is situated in the valley of the River tour. This non metropolitan town has the perfect environment the climatic condition that is suitable according to your need. This place is very peacefully and has a very less crime rate which is one the deciding factor once you decide t get settled down anywhere in the world.

6. West Devon, England

West Devon is a small district which is situated in Devon, England. Many popular magazines and internet sites who have conducted this survey on various places to get settled after you get retired have given a place to this amazing city. West Devon is actually a highly popular destination of such kind of people who are searching for a place which is less chaotic, peaceful and full of all the facilities that will be required by them to stay happily. Moreover the climatic condition of this city is also very pleasing which gives it an upper hand when you start searching for a place to get settled once you get retired.

5. Cinque Terra, Italy

Cinque Terra is a place in the country of Italy. The city is situated on the coat of Italian Riviera. This is one of the most beautiful places that we have in our list. The weather, the culture, people and surrounding of this place in Spain is truly amazing and heart touching. This place also finds a place in the UNESCO’s World Heritage Site list in Europe. Many tourists from around the globe visit this place to get lost in its natural beauty. This is one of the beast places for you to get settled down once you decide to get retired and live the rest of your life peacefully and in best environment suiting your every need.

4. Costa del Sol, Spain

Costa del Sol is another region in the country of Spain which finds a place in our list. This place is situated in the southern part of the Spain and is composed of various sceneries which are really heart touching. The full region is having various towns and communities that are living there from ages. The incredible location, climatic conditions as well as the nature of the people living in this particular region makes this a perfect place to get settled down once you get retired. The culture of this region is also world famous and thousands of tourists visit this place every year to experience the leisure they never got anywhere else in the world.

3. Purbeck, England

Purbeck is a small town in the country of England which is at the third place in our list of the top ten places that are best suitable to stay after you get retired. This town is situated in the south west region of England and is a perfect destination for the people who are in a search of a place to live after they get retired. The existence of this city is very old and is one of the most peaceful towns situated in England. You are sure to get pleased once you get settle down in Purbeck.

2. Austin, Texas

Austin is a place in the Texas which is in the United States.  In fact Austin is the capital of Texas and a very beautiful city to live. The city is less chaotic, free from all other crimes that keeps on happening all over the United States and has all the facilities within reach which will be required by you once you get retired and decide to get settled down anywhere in the world. Many surveys have given this city a place in their list and so in our list too, it is at the number second spot.

1. Craven, England

The best town according to our research is the Craven town which is situated in North Yorkshire in the country of England. The place is full of places which are very beautiful and you feel like being in the place for ever and ever. This city has a very large history and exists from a very long time in England. This is the place where your search will stop if you are searching for a place to live after you retire from all the work and wants to live the remaining years in peace.



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