Top 10 Must Visit Attractions of London


  1. British Museum


The British Museum is a real delight for anyone who takes interest in the history of mankind. Exhibits right from prehistoric to modern ages from all round the globe can be viewed here. This wonderful museum is a must watch for every person who visits London.

  1. Tate Modern


Tate Modern – A national museum which showcases works of modern as well as contemporary arts. Being a part of the Tate group, it is visited by numerous visitors from throughout the world. The national collection of British art from the year 1500 to the present day can be viewed in this museum.

  1. National Gallery


The National gallery is an art museum in London at Trafalgar Square. The gallery showcases over 2,300 paintings that can be traced back to the 13th century to the present day. You will be able to find the masterpieces of DA Vinci, Constable, Titian and lots of other artists.

  1. Natural History Museum


Dinosaur exhibition is the highlight of this museum. You will be able to see the huge model of a blue whale here and hundreds of rare specimens. There is a laboratory inside this library where you will find scientists engrossed in various research projects.

  1. Science museum


The Science museum in South Kensington, London, is the city’s major attraction for tourists. Over 2.7 million visitors reach this place every year. You will be able to see as well as experience the major advances in the field of science for the past 300 years right from here. The IMAX cinema is yet another major attraction of this museum.

  1. London Eye


The London Eye is the world’s highest observation wheel. It has 32 capsules. Each capsule has a weight of 10 tones, and can hold around 25 people. 30 minutes in the capsule of London eye will give you unforgettable views of London’s 55 popular landmarks.

  1. Madame Tussads


Madame Tussads is a wax museum in London. This is a major tourist attraction that displays the wax statues of famous personalities in history, sports, movie stars, sports stars and lots others.

  1. Victoria and Albert Museum


Victoria and Albert Museum exhibits artifacts from all round the world. It is a treasure house of paintings, old furniture, sculpture, metalwork and lots more. The entry is free here and only special exhibits need tickets.

  1. Royal Museums Greenwich


Royal Museum Greenwich is the world’s largest maritime museum that is filled with exciting stories of adventure and discovery at sea. The Royal Observatory Greenwich and the Historic Queen’s House are all today, a part of the Royal Museums Greenwich. You can steer a ship, fire a cannon, touch a meteorite and watch stars in the planetarium in this museum.

  1. Tower of London


Tower of London is one of the world famous buildings in the city of London. You will be able to know more a 900 year old royal palace, prison, jewel house, place of execution, arsenal and zoom right when you come here. You can have a peep into the bed-chamber of the medieval kind, watch the crown jewels and have look from the white towers here in the Tower of London.

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