Top 10 Most Unsafe Countries for Tourists

Home is the most wonderful and peaceful place but even some times the most perfect thing starts to bring ennui, change is a constant thing in life and no matter how perfect and beautiful our lives are, we all need a change. Once In year, for few days but yes we all need a holiday. We need to go some place far from home so we can liberate ourselves from the daily hectic routine, so we can relax, so we can feel free. We need a holiday not only because you need to relax but also because you should see the world and it is a must.

Having a holiday is listed under the list of the most sensible thing to do but you must pay attention whenever you choose a holiday spot. Your holiday will go in vain if you have to keep worrying about your belongings all the time. If you pick up an unsafe spot for holidays, you will always have to keep worrying about the hotel staff, or your cab driver, your wallet, your credit card or maybe your tour guide. You never know; you may get abducted or injured. Every country is bestowed with natural beauty and history but every country does not provide security.

Even ever you plan a holiday, make sure you pick up a nice, decent, peaceful and safe country. Inquire a bit about the place where you will be spending the next few days. When we talk about unsafe countries, there are tons of them but the top ten unsafe countries for tourists are:


Then it comes to crime, Venezuela’s crime rate is 57%; how can a tourist tour the country if he has to keep worrying about his whereabouts all the time. The head of this state is not in his best health; if the head of family goes sick, the rest of the family becomes feeble. Similarly when the president is sick, the rest of the system is bound to get weak. Also, that this country does not guaranty safety. Once upon a time Venezuela was a country with blooming economy, but not anymore. The country is blessed with greenery but when you get in trouble, the plants won’t come to rescue you.


The land of South Africa is bestowed with poverty, its citizens are lacking the basic human rights, the economy is dooming, literacy rate is too low, no proper health care, under such situation when the inhabitant are such desperate, robbing or abducting a tourist will be a nice idea to make some money . Going to South Africa for a holiday will be like camping a jungle full of wild animals; the only difference is that you may get lucky enough to train the wild animals but you will never be able to cope with the Africans.



               The most essential substance for life is water and Brazil is suffering from water pollution. Many of the citizens are involved in drugs and most of them have no sense of talking; they abuse 24*7, how will you communicate? Violence is another of the state’s dilemma. No need to mention the thieves and killers Brazil’s geography is splendid and captivating but it is not enough to attract the visitors. Your safety is above everything.


Robberies and stealing, a major issue in Israel: the instant you step in the country you are robbed. If you have no money left, how will you spend the rest of your holidays? Drug is found in abundance among the youngsters. The rate of Sexual onslaught and rapes are high. Race discrimination is Israel’s specialty. Israel may have a good view to the sea but still Israel is anything but a good spot for vacations.


Environmental pollution is the biggest problem in Russia; this kind of pollution can ruin your health. Russia is bestowed with Drugs, abuse, violence, sexual harassment. Killing is Russia’s favorite hobby; every hour 3 Russian are targeted. If you enter Russia with your credit card, debit card and cash; you will probably leave Russia without them.



A person thinks at least once before killing another person but in Colombia, no need to take stress; no one will ask you if you shoot a person because the law and order system in Russia is good for nothing. Most of the drug in the world is from Colombia. Some people try to act nicely when they have guest but Colombia, no way; they have no exceptions for anyone. Terrorism is in every single vein of Colombia. If you want to make a documentary about living on edge, Colombia is the perfect place but for holidays it’s a big NO in capital letters.



Pakistan was tourist’s favorite spot, but that was history and we live in present. You will have absolutely no security in this country. The country is left only at the mercy of the extremists. Robbery, murders, blasts, you name it Pakistan has it. Pakistani land is bestowed with culture and nature and beauty but this place cannot guaranty your life and safety.


3. IRAQ:

For a holiday you need a peaceful spot, no stress, no tension, no drama and above all no violence; you can definitely not have tranquility in a state where war has been going on for years. Iraq has been at war with The United states of America since 2003 and will continue further more. With the bombing and explosions, the environment for Iraq is blatantly not healthy. Above all you will have no safety in a place where war is on for years.


Afghanistan is also at war with the United States of America and the United Kingdom since 2001. As the war is on, you will have no safety but still if you have somehow plotted up the courage to go there, it will be of no use as most of the state’s property has been burned, destroyed , blasted off and ruin. If you are found of observing wars you must go to Afghanistan but if you need a vacation, Afghanistan is not the right place for you.


When you talk about picking up a holiday spot, say NO to Somalia, a country whose own government and law enforcing agencies are in need of security can provide you with security. Moving on the state itself has become a target of extremists. The parliament is in haphazard situation. Furthermore the civil war has been going on in the country for a long time. Somalia is an absolute beauty but if we slant a look at the current position of the country, it is definitely not a safe vacation spot. If you want to attempt suicide then Somalia is more than perfect.


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