Top 10 Most Populous Cities of the World

Some cities of the world are densely inhabited, while others sparsely. Some are big while others small. One interesting fact about the biggest cities of the world is that almost all of them are located along a coast.

Below is a list of the top 10 biggest cities of the world, according to their populations.

10. Cairo

With a population of 19.6 million, the capital city of Egypt is placed at the 10th position in this list. Within Africa, Cairo is the largest city and only the second largest in the world where the majority religion is Islam. It was founded in 960 AD and is situated along the Nile River.

9. Sao Paolo

Sao Paolo is the biggest city not only in Brazil or even in South America, but in all of the Southern Hemisphere. In 1532, this city became the first Portuguese colony in the world. Today it has a population of 19.8 million.

8. Shanghai

With a population of 20.8 million, Shanghai is the most populated city of China, in addition to being the busiest Container Port of the world. The city was established in 960 AD, the same year in which Cairo was founded.

7. Mexico City

This is the biggest city in the continent of North America. It was built in 1325 by the Aztecs. In 1521, it was destroyed after the invasion of the Spanish. However, after 3 years, the Spanish rebuilt it.

6. Manila

The capital of the Philippines, Manila is the most densely populated city in the world. Manila Metropolitan consists of 16 cities for a combined population of 21.9 million. The city was named Ginto (meaning gold) during the time it served as a trading post with China.

5. New Delhi

Located in the Northern part of India with a population of 22.2 million, New Delhi is just one out of a total of nine districts in the Delhi territory. It was built in 1931 by the British.

4. Seoul

The population of Seoul is 25.2 million. The shocking thing about this fact, however, is that this number is greater than half of the total South Korean population. Established in 17 BC, Seoul has always been a frontrunner in Asian technology.

3. Jakarta

Since it was established in 324 AD, Jakarta has been controlled and lost by many different civilizations. The financial hub of Indonesia, Jakarta is growing at quite a rapid pace and the population is 28 million.

2. Chongqing

Located in the Sichuan Province, Chongqing is the financial center of the Yangtze Basin. It has a population of 28.8 million. The weird thing is that despite being on number two of this list, not a lot of people have heard about this city.

Most Populous Cities

1. Tokyo

Tokyo is the biggest city in the world, both by area and by population. When it was established, it was inhabited by fishermen and was named Edo. It was fortified in 1457 and the 1943 combination of City of Tokyo and the Tokyo Prefecture brought forth today’s most populous city.

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