Top 10 Most Corrupt Countries of the World

Unfortunately not everybody is blessed with the luck of living in a normal country where people respect each other and authorities don`t commit any type of abuse. In some countries the leaders are ruled by a huge greed of money that makes them forget about population and its needs, and they are only thinking about their personal good. These types of leaders are very hard to extinguish because they are very influent and they have enough money to buy everyone. In this case the only possibility to help the population is an external intervention brought by other countries` armies to remove their leaders. The top 10 most  corrupt countries of the world are:

10. Columbia

Columbia is one of the countries that have extremely major problems with drug cartels. People who make money from drug industry bribe the authorities to leave them alone and in some cases without any intervention from the authorities, they will start drug wars that frequently end up with many deaths and collateral victims. Drug cartels are very big in Columbia and they are very hard to extinguish because of the fact that their owners can harm the population and they also have many weapons to defend with. This kind of people is very dangerous because they are influent and their only incomes are drugs.

9. Venezuela

Venezuela is a corrupt country since 1970 when it was discovered a big amount of oil there. Since then every action related oil extracting was meant to extract massive amounts of that valuable fuel without thinking at the ways the environment and the population could be harmed. The Venezuelans suffered so much from their leader`s greed of oil that they called it “the excrement of the devil”. In 1999 Hugo Chavez was chosen as a president but he did nothing to slow the corruption or help his country. Even the police recognize that the corruption is on high levels in Venezuela.

8. Sudan

While the young children of Sudan die from hunger, diseases and thirst almost all the money dedicated for development ended up in private bank accounts without helping the population. Sudan is a poor country where people with influence take advantage of the situation and do what they want with money that were supposed to help people. Even all of these happened, not a single politician was punished for corruption even today in Sudan.

7. Iraq

Iraq is a very corrupted country where everything can be bought with money. Influent politicians do everything with population and many journalists were murdered for bringing offences to the government. Iraq is a place where people do not have any free will, they can not express themselves and they must do everything their government tells them to do otherwise they can lose everything. There happen a lot of illegal businesses that affect the population and the government is not interested as long as it gets its share.

6. Haiti

In Haiti there is a bureaucracy that harms the country in a terrible form by allowing the politicians to direct public outcomes how they want in legal ways. If the legal systems allow these corruptions that harm the population in an extremely major way, the country has very big problems. This is a major case and deserves the 6th place on this top because there the politicians adapted the law after their needs, making them immune to justice.

5. Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan is a country that commits massive abuses on the human rights. For example press does not have any freedom and people can not leave the country whenever they want or they can not leave it at all. This is a major case of corruption where government harms the population in a big way without respecting their rights or needs. The worst way you can punish somebody is by taking his freedom and in Turkmenistan that thing is happening: people can not express themselves or travel outside the country without being stopped or abused by authorities.

4. Uzbekistan

Government of Uzbekistan doesn`t allow people to succeed in business because it takes advantage of every resource possible. The government is the most corrupted group in Uzbekistan and it causes all of the problems in that country. Living in a country where you can not develop a successful business by yourself because the government keeps every resource must be very hard and this is why I granted Uzbekistan the 4th place on this top.

3. Afghanistan

The major problem in Afghanistan is bribe. Bribe is extremely common in that state and many citizens think that is not illegal and they must do it because the rest are doing it. Almost 38% of Afghanistan population thinks that bribe is common and legal and every time they meet a politician they must give him bribe. This case is very sad because they have indoctrinated the population to do how what they want without forcing them.

2. Myanmar 

Myanmar is a very rich country which possesses many resources that can be exploited for big incomes. Sadly many drug dealers have stepped into this country to make their business and they continuously harm the population with wars and aggressions. There is also much ethnical violence that frequently leads to murders or collateral victims. The sad thing about Myanmar is that it is a very nice country capable of many things, but it is isolated by the rest of the world.

1. India


India is the most corrupt state from the entire world. In India officials do everything they want with population and they abuse the human rights. This country is affected by a wrong bureaucracy, high taxes, very complicated systems and people frequently pay bribes to get the public service done. It is another case where people rights are abused, but citizens are not as informed as they should be and they don`t have enough power to change anything.

These countries are ruled by greedy leaders and governments which do not think about the population, only about ways to get rich and they forget that they will pay some day for everything.



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