Top 10 cities of the World that are most Danger prone to Earthquakes 2012

Earthquakes are occuring in the world from thousands of years ago. Earthquakes cause much loss of life and properties. In all over the World, many cities are prone to Earthquakes and got affected by huge destruction. Cities with heavy population and poor infrastructures are more prone to earthquakes and can undergo the most destruction of life and buildings. Nearly thousands of Earthquakes occur every year in world, many occur on small scale and some occur on medium to small scale. Earthquakes in poor countries where people live in poor infrastructure, houses are not earthquake proof  can destroy the  whole cities and everything.

Top 10 most Earthquake damage prone cities are:

10Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta is a populated area and much of Indonesia is prone to Earthquakes and Tsunamis. It also suffered from a disastrous earthquake last year in september where thousands homes were destroyed and reported deaths in hundreds. It also suffered a very bad earthquake in 2007. In Jakarta, homes are not earthquake proof because they are very delicate and could collapse on aech other. An estimated 11,000 person would die, if 6.0 earthquake hit here.

9. Izmir, Turkey

Turkey is a place where small to moderate scale tremors occurs on daily basis. The Izmir city is located on the west coast of Turkey, which is the most prone area of the world. Izmir suffered from a very serious and terrible Earthquakes in 1999 and 2005. An estimated 11,500 people would die, if 6.0 earthquake hit here.

8. Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico city is a heavily populated area and with badly designed houses and structures. Central mexico is major prone to Earthquakes. There was a historic Earthquake in 1985 with 8.1 scale which killed 10,000 people approx. It also beared major Earthquake last year in april, where about 149 people died. Mexico City is not safe in future also about 11,500 people can die if again Earthquake occur on 6.0 scale.

7. San Salvador, El Salvador

San Salvador is a small country and densely populated and it experiences a lot Earthquakes. There was a  serious Earthquake in 1917. In 2001, a major Earthquake took place with highest 5 scale which result in death of thousands people, dangerous landslides and destruction of thousands homes.

6. Islamabad, Pakistan

Islamabad is a densely populated area and also suffers a lot from terrorism. It is not a safe place as it is recorded for breaking the record of ever highest Earthquake scale of 7.6 in 2005. At that time thousands people killed in landslides and buildings collapsing.

5. Manila, Philippines

In Philippines city 20 Earthquakes occur on regular basis. Some are felt and some not. Last year in September, Philippines suffered from an Earthquake with 6.1 scale. The Manila city is at northeast end of this metropolitan area. The city itself is very populated and earthquake at high scale can occur here anytime.

4. Quito, Ecuador

Quito city was very populated many years ago but now it is less populated. In 1859, a historic Earthquake took place here which destroyed many famous buildings and hundreds of homes. There was another major Earthquake in 1949 which killed about 6,000 people. Now engineers are researching to do something about this problem.

3. Delhi, India

Delhi, the capital of India, it’s on edge that is prone to Earthquakes. In Delhi, many buildings are attached together so a quake can cause a lot of damage and will result in thousands of deaths from collapsing of buildings.  In 2006, there was an earthquake with scale 4.1, but wasnt too dangerous.

2. Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul city is densely populated area with about 12 million people, many of them live in crowded places with poor infrastructures which causes disasters. The city is over one of most active seismic fault lines on earth. Scientists are sure about the possibility of Earthquake here with scale more than 8 by the year 2030.

1. Kathmandu, Nepal

The city is located at the active seismic zones, and the buildings here are not prepared for any Earthquake. If Earthquake happens, thousands of people will die living in this area. In 20th century, 11,000 people were killed due to Earthquakes in Nepal and many temples and buildings in Kathmandu were damaged. Its seismic scale is increasing annually, and population of the city is also growing annually with rate of 6.5 %.



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