Top 10 Busiest International Airports in the World

An airport is a location where aircraft, helicopters, and blimps take off and land.An airport consists of at least one surface such as a runway for a plane to take off and land for takeoffs and landings, and often includes buildings such as control towers,hangars and terminal buildings.Larger airports may have fixed base operator service, air traffic control, passenger facilities such as restaurants and lounges, and emergency services. There are number of airports around the world but among them are busiest airports. Top 10 busiest airports are:

10.Soekarno – Hatta International Airport : Cengkareng, Jakarta, Java, Indonesia:

It  is the main airport serving the greater Jakarta area on the island of Java, Indonesia. It originates from  Cengkareng and it is often called Cengkareng Airport by Indonesians.Jakarta International Airport has 150 check-in counters, 30 baggage carousels and 42 gates. Each sub-terminal has 25 check-in counters, 5 baggage carrousels and 7 gates.

9. Dallas Fort Worth International Airport Dallas/Fort Worth,Texas,United states :

It is located between the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, and is the busiest airport in the U.S. State of Texas. It generally serves the larger Dallas- Fort Worth metropolitan area, with carriers providing regional, national and international flights.In 2006 it was named as “Best Cargo airport in the world”.

8.Dubai International Airport Garhoud, Dubai, United Arab Emirates:


Dubai International Airport is an international airport serving Dubai along with the major hub in Middle East.It is situated 4 Km from Dubai in Garhoud district.It is the home base of Emirates and Emirates Sky Cargo.Emirates hub is the largest airline hub in the Middle East and handles 60% of all passenger traffic.It accounts for 38% of all aircraft movements at the airport.

7.Suvarnabhumi Airport Bang Phli, Samut Prakan, Thailand:

This airport is known by the name of New Bangkok International airport.This airport is the main hub for the Thai Airways International, Bangkok Airways, Orient Thai Airlines and Thai Air Asia. It is a grand vision of modern air travel, with its sophisticated design and facilities.Flanked by highways 34 and 7, the airport also has a rail link system that can get you to/from the city centre in 15 minutes.

6.Los Angeles International Airport Los Angeles, California, U.S.:


Los Angeles International Airport is the world’s busiest origin and destination airport.Its airport code is LAX.It is the primary airport serving the whole Los Angeles area, the second most populated metropolitan area in U.S..

5.O’Hare International Airport Chicago, Illinois,U.S.:

This airport is also known as Chicago International Airport, or simply O’Hare.It is a major airport located in the northwestern-most corner of Chicago. It is the primary airport serving the Chicago area.It serves as the secondary airport for the intracontinental flights.

4.London Heathrow Airport Hillingdon, London, Britain:

It is a major airport serving London which is located in the  West London. Heathrow is the busiest airport in the U.K. and the in terms of total passenger traffic and handles more international passengers than any other airport around the globe.

3.Tokyo International Airport , Ota, Tokyo, Japan:


It is most commonly known as Haneda Airport.It is the busiest airports in Asia.It is one of the primary airports serving the Tokyo region.In the last few years it has also taken on  a considerable amount of international Korean & Chinese charter flights.

2.Beijing Capital International Airport Chaoyang, Beijing, China:

It is the main international airport serving Beijing, China.It is the busiest international airport in terms of passenger traffic and total traffic movement in Asia.It has witnessed rapid growth.It is the main hub for the Air China.11 regular shuttle lines are operating to the Beijing airport.It has rapidly ascended in ranking of the busiest airports.

1.Hartsfield – Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Georgia, U.S.:

It has been the world’s busiest airport by passenger traffic and number of landings and take-offs.It is primary hub of Delta.The airport has 199 domestic and international gates.It has been ranked as world’s busiest airport in terms of both in terms of passengers and number of flights.It serves as major hub for travel throughout Southeastern United States.


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