Top 10 Boardwalks In United States

A boardwalk is a genre of constructed pedestrian walkway that can be seen in various locations especially above the fragile ecosystem. Such boardwalks are mainly made of wood. There are various places in the United States of America where such boardwalks are seen and the best part is they look exquisitely amazing at a certain distance.  Many of such original boardwalks had been made by the government of the United States just to enhance the tourist attraction but then with time it has become an integral part of this country. Here in this article we will talk about the most famous boardwalks in United States of America.

10. Atlantic City Boardwalk in New Jersey

In the year of 1870, people got the first wooden planks in Atlantic City. This reduced the cost of connecting the train line and the hotel lobbies.  This is now not a smaller one. The length of the board is about six kilometers. This is considered as the oldest boardwalks of the city.

9. Coney Island Boardwalk, New York

In the year of 1980, you have got the Coney Island Boardwalks. The Luna Park has established more than 19 rides in which the boardwalk is also available.

8. Myrtle Beach in South Carolina

In the Myrtle Beach Ocean front, you will see a foot ride.  Near 2nd Avenue Pier 1.9 kilometers of walkway are well known to all. This is made in the year of 2010 and now it is a best pleasuring place.

7. Ocean City Boardwalk in Maryland

Here is Life-Saving Station Museum is present. This is a unique place to see. To visit to the place, you have to walk over about five kilometers.

6. Ocean Front Walk at Venice Beach in California

The five kilometers of Venice beach boardwalk are really the centre of culture and heritage. This is a unique boardwalk. Beside the boardwalk, you will see handmade jewellery stores, fortune tellers, and tattoo artists etc. to make you entertained.

5. Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk, Delaware

The Rehoboth beach has a long board walk of 1.6 kilometers of length you will visit here the pleasure riding. Here you will also get Surf-side Arcade and bedsides this you will get Dole’s Salt Water Taffy.

4. The Boardwalk of Santa Cruz Beach in California

The Santa Cruz beach boardwalk has been made more than a hundred years back. This was made from the West Coast of Coney Island, a finest beach beauty long with Boardwalk.


Boardwalks In United States

3. Sandwich Boardwalk in Massachusetts

The 1.350 feet of boardwalk has been rebuilt after it is destroyed. This is now newly made boardwalk for your enjoyment.

2. Virginia Beach, Virginia

You will get Virginia Beach Boardwalk stretched for five kilometers. Here is the veritable place of the 34 – foot of the bronze Neptune idol.

1. Wild-woods Boardwalk, New Jersey

In the wild-woods you will get boardwalk which is about three kilometers in its length. The walking here is also great experience like the Disney land.

So, walk and enjoy the beauties of nature with your heart’s content.

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