Top 10 Best Destinations to go with your Girlfriend

Love is a word that can’t be defined in normal words. It is a close feeling of 2 hearts; it is unpredictable and sometimes happens to us without our knowing. Relation between a boy and a girl gets stronger with time. It is easy to propose for love but to keep it for lifetime is the hardest part. Many relations have broken and many have taken the happy ending, its all how you maintain the balance in your relationship. There are various numerous ways for a healthy relationship. Dating, candle light dinner or even a short trip far away from home with your loved ones gives your relation a new meaning. This edition gives you an insight into the top 10 best romantic destinations across the world. So that the next time you are thinking of a vacation you need not scratch your heads off.


Located in the Virgin Islands in Caribbean Sea this island is a dream destination for every couples who are planning for a memorable trip. The exotic sea and the landscape view of the Caribbean’s just make your eyes go wow! Is this a place on earth? The island is famous for its beaches and shopping spots. The breakfasts have always attracted the couples from all over the world to come and celebrate their love. The place offers serenity and most importantly privacy that is a must need for the couples. Plus adding to that the Caribbean culture, food and dance forms is bound to make your loved ones feel special.


Well be it a honeymoon, a trip with your loved ones or a place to get your vows exchanged there is a place in the pacific closer to the U.S, an island with the best of natural beauty. Yes you have guessed it right we are talking about Hawaii. The place that every love birds want to go once in their lifetime for its unearthly beauty. it offers excellent amenities to the new couples. The nature also remains at its best for most of the year.  Tropical beaches, exquisite jungles, exotic suites, sea surfing and to top the charts the wildlife, truly all these natural and artificial marvels have made Hawaii a paradise on earth. If you haven’t been to Hawaii with your loved ones then you haven’t seen what a romantic place looks like. Or If you are planning a trip to this part of the world then get ready to see some of the most lucrative beaches and jungles and be prepared for a fairy love journey.


Want a touch of Spanish romance in your love story or you both are a huge Spain buff and want to spend some light moments in your dream destination, then Alhambra is the right choice for you. The ancient fortress which is one of the most visited buildings in the world is famous for its wonderful gardens that are still now preserving the Arab culture. The artistic fountains will make your better half go gaga. The couples can also chill bit in water with plenty of water games a good option to spend lovely time. If you are visiting the place in spring then don’t forget to have a little romantic walk in the gardens. The multicoloured flowers and the cypress trees will give the couples a perfect scene to express each other’s feelings.


Every love story has a happy beginning and an even happier ending. So why not celebrate these moments of happiness at a height of 135 m above the earth. The London eye, the world’s highest Ferris wheel is a marvellous structure built right in the heart of the city on the sides of river Thames.  You can spend a lovely evening with your partner at the banks of Thames, then a slow relaxing tour on board of the Ferris wheel. The journey lasts for 30 minutes but the pleasure and the excitement of the couples of viewing the most famous sights in London from one of the 32 glass topped and completely closed cabins will remain in the hearts for more than coming 30 years. The journey is more romantic due to its privacy and the view it offers. What could get better than proposing your girl for marriage at the highest point of the city with a private can=bin and champagne included.


Romance in Italy has a separate emotional connection. Touted as the best romantic destination in the world Tuscany upholds the Italian way of romance. The whole city looks as if it was planned keeping love as the main theme. The vineyards, villas and the historic Italian culture makes the place even more appealing to the foreign couples. Stay in the best of the villas, dine with the best of Italian dishes and have a bike ride with your closed ones to the vine yards and share a glass or two of the best of Italian wine and you will feel the romance in the air and your mind won’t be able to decide the departure dates. Just a glimpse of this superb romantic location and you will come to know why the best of romantic movies have been shot here.


Better known as the city of Casanovas.  A world famous lover spot Venice could easily rake in charts of most romantic places.  A simple walk along the canals or a boat ride will make you and your better half more romantic. The ancient buildings, the canals emerging from lagoons turn your hearts into a garden of roses. The city has no hustle bustle of cars so you can experience a peaceful romantic vacation. The traditional gondolas with seats that appear to arrive from royal places and pillows in the shapes of heart makes you feel special. Looking for a piece of land where you can express your love in peace Venice will be a good choice.


Well if it’s all about relations, love then a destination that comes in every one’s heart is the land of natural beauty SWITZERLAND. The mountains especially the mount Pilatus is a hot spot for lovers. The mountain was initially called Frakmunt, it was transformed to its current name on the name of PONITUS PILATE, whose body was slain in a lake near the summit of the mountain. The place has impressive snowy peaks that puts a cold touch to you hot love story. The alpine lakes give an artistic view of love and nature. One has to reach the peaks through the steepest rail. The rail journey may give your partner a shiver and to you a chance to hug her and make her feel special. On reaching the top make sure you don’t forget to say the golden 3 words to your mate.


If you are tired of European way of expressing love and want to try out some Asian culture then MALDIVES is welcoming you. The 23 islands located in the middle of the Indian Ocean is a heaven for lovers. The exotic seas, the tiny coral atolls and the surrounding reefs are teaming up with your romance. The beautiful picturesque landscapes, the beaches, the silent and quiet little jungles make this place alluring. It is an unstoppable gateway of romance. The perfect place to express your love what you feel for her. And above all if you girl friend is an Asian then she will surely love your choice.


There may be a few eye brows rising as this place has ranked 2 nd in the chart. But this small village far from north of Santorin Island in Greece is an excellent location for the travel freak couples. It is considered to be the most beautiful village across the world. The beautiful sunset in the beaches will make you go OMG!  The place has numerous luxury boutiques and jeweler shops where you can gift your loved ones a beautiful ring or a necklace or a gown. The churches with the blue domes and the white houses create a marvelous setting of love. The only problem you will find is that you will be accompanied by numerous love birds like you to view the sunset. But the beauty of Aegean sea and the last rays of the sun will make you forget everything, just images of you and your partner will flash your mind.

1) Eiffel Tower , Paris:-

A French way of celebrating your love is to pay a visit to the city of love, Paris. And once you are in Paris  and you haven’t visited the Eiffel tower sorry to say you two don’t make a perfect couple. The tower built in 1889 by engineer GUSTAVE EIFFEL is monument celebrating the centenary of French Revolution. It is the most romantic place in the world today. The sunset on the Eiffel tower is a view many couples look forward to and die to have a walk in the park of the tower. The top of the tower provides a panoramic view across the city or the wonderful trocadero park. The best place to say “I LOVE YOU” is on the top of the tower or it its basement. And after you propose remember to kiss your lady and share a smooch the French way of expressing love.

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