Top 10 Beautiful Castles Around the World

Castles, you think they only exist in fairy tale and Disney movies but the truth is, they do in real life! There are many castles around the globe and up until these days some are standing strong. Some were made as tourist attractions while others may have been abandoned. Let’s see what are the top 10 castles that until now looks breath taking and enchanting.

Mont Saint Michel, France

Top 10 Beautiful Castles Around the World

This castle is said to be visited by millions of tourist around the globe every year ranging up to 3 million visitors. This castle was once sitting on a dry land however as time passes by and as the sea level rises; the water eventually reshaped this castle. This enchanting castle was built by Richard II of Normandy who was once the building contractor of this place. This beautiful castle is consists of dozens of chapels and even crypts to support the weight of this gigantic architecture.

Windsor Castle, England

This is a royal residence castle that was built way back in the 11th century. It was once the headquarters of the military during the English Civil War and fortunately its beauty has survived and royal families made few changes in the castle. This is known to be the only castle that was occupied for the longest time in the entire World!

Castle Neuschwanstein, Germany

Located in Germany, this beautiful castle was once occupied by Ludwig II of Bavaria however it was opened to public soon after his death in the year 1886. Every summer, the maximum visitors per day in this castle can reach up to 6,000.

Kilkenny Castle, Ireland

This castle is located in Ireland and was said to be built by the 1st Earl of Pembroke who is William Marshal. This palace was constructed in the year 1195 and was completed in the year 1213. During the Irish civil war, this castle was badly damaged however it was restored to its original beauty but took many years to be fully completed.

Bodiam Castle, England

This is a 4th century castle that was built by Edward Dalyngrigge for the purpose of defending their area from possible French Invasion. This property was then inherited by his son John and later gave to his wife Alice after his death through his last will and testament.

Rocca Della Guaita San Marino, Italy

This castle is located right next to a cliff which comes with a magnificent view of the San Marino City. It comes with three high towers and it also has a bell tower and a prison cell. A chapel can also be found inside.

Chateau de Chambord Loire Valley, France

One of the most beautiful castles or the most prominent chateaux on Earth which comes with a mixture of classical renaissance architecture and that of the medieval styles. Another reason for its beauty is its extensive and beautiful gardem which back in the old days was one of the main attractions in a certain chateau.

Hohenzollern Castle, Germany

Another castle situated right on top of a mount is the Hohenzollern Castle which was once the property of Hohenzollern clan. In it you’ll find dozens of memoirs from the inhabitants of this castle in the old days. Now, this castle is one of the most visited tourist attraction in Germany every summer.

Grand Palace Bangkok,Thailand

Considered to be one of the grandest palaces on Earth was once the home of fortress of the Kings of Siam. This was occupied since the year 1782 and later on became a perfect spot for special occasions in Thailand.

Alcazar of Segovia, Spain

If you based it on shape, you can consider this castle one of the most captivating in Spain for it stands on a rocky crag. Right now, this palace is part of Thailand’s historical places which is being preserved.

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