Top 10 Facts About Paralympics

Paralympics Games is the games competition for the handicapped people from all over the world peoples are gathered from different countries and take part in many different athletics and other sports events. These games were started after world war II in 1948, when few veterans from the wars gathered. At first it was only British War veterans and then by 21st century it grows out as a worlds one of the biggest events.  The Paralympics are coordinated by the International Paralympic Committee, founded in 1989 (succeeding several committees that had existed before then), which is the only international organization representing all sports and disabilities.The name “Paralympics” comes from the Greek prefix “para-” (in this context, “beside” or “alongside”) and “Olympics.” “Parallel Olympics” approximates the intended meaning. It has nothing to do with “paralysis” or “paraplegia.” Its motto was “Mind, Body, Spirit” from 1994 through 2003, and is now “Spirit in Motion.”

10. Origin Of Paralympics 

Dr. Ludwigg Gutmann From Germany started Very first Athletics events for the British war patients suffering with the Spinal cord injuries. He was German Neurologist in Buckinghamshire, and at that time these events were called as 1948 International Wheelchair games and are intentially conincided with the 1948 Summer olympics games. His Purpose to promote this game was to improve the handicapped peoples with the Sports therapy. His Purpose fulfilled when in 1952 same Events were held again and this time Dutch veterans also participated in those events making it and International event .

9. First Paralympics Game In Rome

The first ever official Paralympics were held in Rome in 1960. And few changes were made in the game formats. Previously these games were only opened for the war veterans but now it was open to all peoples , also previously only peoples with wheelchairs were entertained in the events but now onwards peoples having any physical disabilities are given chance. Many milestones were created in these games, like 400 peoples from 23 countries participated in the 8 different events viz, Archery, Athletics, Dartchery, Snooker, Swimming, Table Tennis, Wheelchair Basket Ball and Wheelchair Fencing. Host Italy was First and Great Britain was second on those events.

8. Great Britain In Paralympics

Great Britain is the one where Paralympics started as a International Wheelchair games  and becomes worldwide famous as Paralympics. In 1960 Great Britain was 2nd in Medal Tally 55 Medals including 20 golds. A very Interesting fact about Great Britain in Paralympics is that it is never out of top four in medal tally since 1988. Great Britain is the current host of the 2012 Paralympics games London, and this time it is considered as the biggest Paralympics event ever held..  Around 4200 Athletes from 164 Countries are participating in different events with Great Britain most 288 Athletes.

7. Tanni-Grey Thompson

Full name Carys Davina “Tanni” Grey-Thompson  Baroness Grey-Thompson was a British Wheelchair racer  born in 26 July , 1969 in Cardiff, wales . She is considered as the most Successful Paralympian  ever she won 16 paralympic medals out of which 11 of them are gold. First time she appeared in 1988 Seoul Paralympics  and then total Five Paralympics attended, her last Paralympics event was 2004 Athens Paralympics where she won grabbed the two gold medals in 100m and 400m Wheelchair Racing event. In a Complete she made 30 World Records and won London Marathons Six time.

6.Natalie Du Toit

Natalie Du Toit is also one of the Paralympics who have competed in Olympic games. She belong to South Africa. In 2008, She finished 16th in the women’s marathon 10km swimming event in Beijing . She took  less than a minute and a half behind the winner after more than six miles of swimming. She won gold medal at the 2004 Paralympic games as well as Common Wealth games. She is the first amputee ever to qualify for the Olympic. She began competing  internationally in swimming at the age of 14.

5. Oscar Pistorius

Oscar Leonard Carl Pistoriusis a South African sprint runner. He was born on 22 November 1986. He is also called as “Blade Runner” due to his carbon fibre running blades and is also calles as “the fastest men on no legs”. he is World record holder of T44 in 100, 200 and 400 meters events.  When he was 11 months old, his legs were amputated halfway between his knees and ankles.

4.Pairs Brother

There are three pairs of brothers among Team GB’s 2012 athletes. Sam and Joe Ingram (judo), Dan and Marc Powell (judo again), and Peter and Stephen McGuire (boccia). The pair of these 3 brothers will be participating in Paralympics games 2012.

3.Judo For blind

The Paralympics Judo is Organized by International Judo Federation. The Norms are different for the Blind Candidates. It is based upon the principle of  Japanese Martial Art of Judo. The contests always start with a loose grip over each other Judo suits and if the contact is broken the player return to the center and re-grip.  Taiwanese judo athlete Lee Kai-lin won Taiwan’s first medal in London 2012.

2. Sharath Gayakwad

21 years old Sharath Gayakwad is the India’s alone swimmer at the London Paralympics. He has finished 3rd in his 100m   breaststroke event with his best time of 1:18:20. Sharath has also won two gold medal, four silver and one bronze medal at IWAS World Games in 2009. He has also won bronze at Asian Para Games in China in 2010

1. 2012 Paralympics

2012 Paralympics have started in London features 20 sports which consists of 16 Olympic games. Sports like shooting, Sailing, Shooting, Table Tennis, Archery, Athletics , Cycling,  soccer 5-a-side, soccer 7-a-side, Judo, Wheelchair Tennis, Volleyball and Rowing, WheelChair Rugby.2012 Paralympics bagged many prizes . Mallory Weggemann won the most Sexiest lady in the Paralympics games. Natalie Du Toit won the god medal in 2012 Olympics. Games are going on and will end on 9 september.

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