Top 10 Ways how Pollution can be Controlled-Help the Environment

Pollution is the introduction of toxic and chemical substances into the air, water, soil causing serious problems to the health of humans and ecosystems. Pollution was increased after the World War 2  fall out of atomic and neuclear weapons. Nowdays, cause of so much pollution is human activities itself. Human has contributed so much to nature by causing pollution. But as we are living and breathing in this planet it is our duty to control pollution and make the contribution in making awareness to control the pollution in every individual, so that environment become pollution less.

Ways to control Pollution are:

10. Take  your own bag when you go for shopping instead of taking plastic bags from the store which cause so much pollution. Using reusable cloth bags, napkins will prevent you from buying new products in future. Brown paper bags can be used for packing ang wrapping and is a great option to control pollution.

9. Driving less will help in controlling pollution as carbon dioxide is released from cars in a huge amount, moreover you can always pool your car. Also prefer walking or riding cycles whenever possible more over its good for your health too and will reduce environmental pollution by driving less.

8. One should be aware of Electricity use also. When appliances are not in use one should switch off or the better option is to unplug the appliance. It will save energy and utilize less natural resources.

7. (This ones strange and hardest to implement)Non-Vegeterian food consumes more water and energy than production or cooking of wheat. Eating less meat is a good option to control energy and water. And as now it is hard to control wastage of water, and in meat industry it is the main problem so one should replace non-veg food with veg food.

6. Buy local food from the stores which have travelled only few miles to reach there. Except the produced food which has traveled 1000-2000 miles to reach there and even need refrigeration to survive. A lot of pollution can be controlled by simply buying local food.

5. Planting trees is a best option to control pollution and it is a best feeling as doing this as a hobby. Plant tree in your garden and it will give you shadow when it will get mature. Planting trees also increase the oxygen level in the environment and you can also grow vegetables. If one is not having the garden, they can also grow small plants and flowers in their rooms.

4. Recycling is a best option to control pollution. Waste products from households like paper, plastic, cloth can be recycled at dump place. Even phone batterries, mobiles and computers can be recycled. In many places E-waste  method is growing so fast that it helps in keeping harmful products end in local ecosystem.

3. Try to control the temperature or loads on air conditioners, refrigerators, furnaces and gysers. If you put less load and able to make an impact on government by improving your home energy efficiency you can receive tax credits. And you will get money back from government for using less electricity.

2. Buying green products is a best method to prevent pollution. Green products are environmentally responsible. Green products are made specially keeping in the mind the concept of controlling pollution. Green products need less packaging and and can also be seen as a charity in environment. Green products like detergents, cleansers , chemical formula’s are less harmful and dissolve in water easily.

1. The most important way to control Pollution is by joining national groups or societies that put pressure on government to take action against the industrialist that are causing pollution by releasing waste. By putting pressure on corporations to consume less energy. When a law like in Ireland will pass here, literally billions of plastic bags will be removed. Young youth should come forward against the use of plastic bags and help in making  this law in India also.


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