Top 10 Tallest Species of Trees in the World

The trees normally grow to the height of certain level. But there are also plants that grow more that 100 meter height. They need certain temperatures and soil to grow to that height.

10. Klinki Pine – Araucaria hunsteinii:

These trees grow enormously in the regions of Papua New Guinea which grows to the height of 88.9 meter.  The average diameter of these species is more than 200 cm. Many scientific researches are yet to be carried out with these plants. The tallest Klinki Pine tree is measured in the year 1941.

9. Manna Gum – Viminalis labill:

These trees grow abundantly in Tasmania which is in Australia and grows to the height of 89 meter. The loggers discovered this species of trees that have grown even to 90 m. ‘Evergreen forest Reserve’ has been established to protect these trees in 1977.

Top 10 Tallest Trees in the World

8. Noble Fir – Abies procera Rehder:

These trees are mostly found in the regions of United States of America. The trees can grow to the height of 100 m but now the tree of this species has 89.9 meter height.  These trees look beautiful with large firs and it is very impressive.

7. Tasmanian blue gum – Eucalyptus globulus Labill:

These species of trees are found in Tasmania regions of Australia. The Mediterranean climate is very mush suitable for these plants. They have grown up to 101 m but the existing plant has the height of 90.7 m. They can be used for the manufacture of eucalyptus oil and pulp.

6. Giant Sequoia – Sequoiadendron giganteum:

The trees grow in California and have the best wood volume of all the other varieties of trees. The existing tree has the height of 94.9m height. These species of trees grow to a height of 97.8 meter.

5. Phiulippine Rosewood – Petersianthus quadrialatus:

This variety of trees is found in Agusan Del Sur in Philippines which has the height of 96.9 m. there is no record that no other trees of this species grew to this height.

4. Sitka spruce – Picea sitchensis:

The trees grow in California regions and the present tree is 96.9 m tall which was recently measure in 2007. The top of the trees are very lively in such a way that it attracts everyone in the world.

3. Coast Douglas fir -Pseudotsuga menziesii:

This tree is found in organ in the United States of America. The current tree of the species has a height of 99.4 m and it was discovered in the year 1989 which was measured recently in the year 2008. The tree is 450 to 500 years old which has the dry top. One of the trees of this species was 119.8 m tall with 4.6 m of diameter.

Top 10 Tallest Species of Trees in the World

2. Mountain ash or Swamp gum:

This species is also found in Australia which has the tallest tree of height 99.6 m. This was discovered in the year 2008. These trees can grow up to 100 meter height. Earlier times there was some trees of this species that grew more than 103 meter height.

1. Coast redwood – Sequoia sempervirens:

The current tree of this species has 115.6 m height which was discovered in the year 2006 and the latest measurement of this tree is made in 2009 and it is found in California. The largest and the tallest known tree of this species was Lindsey Creek. It was uprooted in the year 1905 by a storm which has height of 118.9 m and with diameter of 11.6 m.

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