Top 10 Must See Places in Maharastra


Maharashtra is a very vast beautiful and tourists attention seeker land of India. This state is world famous for its prosperity, culture, and most importantly its famous for its Mumbai city known as ‘city of celebrities’, yes. Mumbai is that city from where movie making get started. Maharashtra attracts tourists with its ancient caves, beautiful hill station, forts, mountains, wineries and beaches as well.


Nasik or Nashik is a very beautiful city of Maharashtra, India. It is located in the northwest of Maharashtra. This amazing and amusing place is located in Western Ghats of the Deccan peninsula near to the banks of Godavari. This city is also known as ‘Wine Capital of India’. We can also say it is a very important holiest city of India since the world famous ‘Kumbh Mela’ held here along with other cities like Ujjain, Allahabad and Haridwar. This city is also famous for its courageous freedom fighters like veer, Savarkar and Anant as they were born here only in Nasik.


Khandala, a very beautiful located at an altitude of 625 meters with greenery hills, amazing valleys, eye catching lakes and magnificent cascades. This city goes on doing magical blooms when the monsoon rain drizzles. Khandala’s charming and scenic beauty shows a great inflow visitor alluring them with its amazing spectacles whole throughout the year. Trip to this lovely hill station can be afforded by middle class families too because of its moderate and luxurious accommodations. Their Duke’s nose peak and Karla hills are very famous for its rock climbing.


This beautiful hill station is like roaming in heaven. This city is 64 km away from the city of pune, and 96 km away from Mumbai city and because of this its really beneficial for tourist to visit Mumbai and then Lonavala and Khandala since the two most beautiful and calm places are too close to the most loud and crowded city i.e. Mumbai. Lonavala gets alive in monsoon and rainy season since everything looks so pure, incandescent and soothing with its lush greenness and pretty ponds and lakes. Tourists love to roam their lazily all around through beautiful hills.


This hill station is declared as the largest hill station. It is having lots and lots of historical sites to explore. This place is best to be explore by a history hunger since its gives a great knowledge to   him. His natural charms are famous throughout the India, and from far places people come to visit this place sometimes only make their children aware about our Indian history.


This is an ashram situated in the koregaon park of Pune founded by Rajneesh Chandra mohan jain who is popularly known as osho Rajneesh. They were renowned primarily for its meditation courses. This helps others to get rid of stress and tensions from daily life through meditation. It is an attention seeker place for those who are the followers of his ideologies and preaching. Their particular form of pattern which is followed by the followers while during meditation is that they wear maroon robes in the morning and white robes for the evening meditation sessions. This really helps the followers for spiritual up liftment and stress lees life. It is believed to be one of the world’s largest institutions. This ashram is very reasonable and kind as it conducts meditation camps for every person on every second Friday and there they teach them different meditation techniques.


Sai baba, a most pious saint who dedicated his whole life to the services of mankind. It’s a belief that sai baba has the capacity to fulfill everyone’s wishes and nobody ever goes empty handed from his doors since they were very kind and was even ready to sacrifice for his life for his single devotee. He was worshiped by many individual irrespective of religion, he was a guru and a yogi and most of all he was famous by his name ‘fakir’. There is no verifiable information about his previous life, about his birth and that’s why he was awarded with many different names by different people. His one of the most well known epigrams, “Sabka Malik Ek” relates to Islam and Sufism. He always utters a statement “Allah Malik” which means that god is everything, god is their above everything god is king


This Ajanta and Ellora caves is an archaeological site located in the northwest part of the city of Aurangabad in the Indian state of Maharashtra. This cave has a very long and interesting history; this cave was constructed by Rashtrakuta dynasty. These caves are also known as Ellooru and Verul which is purely an ancient name. An Ellora cave shows renowned, extraordinary and marvelous architecture. Ellora contains 34 caves whereas Ajanta contains 29 caves made between 2nd century BC and 6th century AD. The most amazing fact about these caves was that they made only with help the hammer and chisel since no extraordinary technology at that period of time. This shows an epitome of rock-out architecture.


With the name only you are going to get what the whole story is all about. Well then yes it’s all about now having wild, exciting, amusing, amazing, fun loving rides. From children to adults everyone loves this park since here everyone forgets their actual life and enters into a new childish world with no tensions and just fun. This park is known as Disney land of India. I bet that if your child is angry from you and if you are going to take your child their and he will definitely going to thank you a ton and going to forgot about his anger. That park is actually a kind of dream city since including rides it is also having Water Park too. You can spend your whole day over their and still you are going to feel that day was little short today.


The Gateway of India is the most famous and crowded spot of Mumbai. This is usually considered as a symbol of the city Mumbai since as we think of Mumbai the first image comes to our mind is that of Gateway of India only. This is best to know about the history of Mumbai since from there we can ferry ride of the beautiful water body to the Elephant caves.


Now this is the actual place to know what Mumbai is Juhu beach the most lovable and favorite spot of everyone who likes to have fun in life. The bhel of juhu beach is even liked by film stars too. If you have ever been to Mumbai and didn’t visited this place then seriously you didn’t have saw the main heart of Mumbai. The world famous song “eh dil h mushkil jeenna yaha, jara hat k jara bach k, yeh h Mumbai meri jaan….”  is actually derived from this beach only.  



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