10 Forests that Get Maximum Rain in a Year.

Rainforest is the forest that gets highest rain throughout the year.  The rain can be between 1750-2000 mm. The one element that plays an important in these rainforest is monsoon.  These types of forests have a large collection of unique plants and animals and also some of theme are still undiscovered.  These rainforests are the natural hub of  medicines as many useful herbs and plants are present there which are used in different medicines. Also it is said that of total oxygen 28%  are because of these rainforest. So we can say that rainforest are the Jewels of earth. Also these rainforest are very useful in terms of global warming as they absorbs a large quantity of carbon dioxide produced.

There are two types of rainforest:  Tropical and Temperate rainforest.

Also these Rainforests are NATURE AT ITS BEST, so many people visit here and these are tourist spot.

Here  I am with list of top 10 Rainforest and hope you find one interesting and plan a visit there.


10. Emas National Park And Chapada  Dos  Veadeiros,  Brazil:

It is a national park in Brazil with a rich vegetation and wildlife. It is one of the oldest national park and its age is estimated to be around 1.8 billion years.  It is situated in the  Goias which is a Brazilian state. It was officially made national park in 1961.

It is spread in a area of  655 square kilometres and is maintained by IBAMA. The average temperature here is 24-26 Celsius with maximum temperature of 40-42 Celsius. It has 120 waterfalls.   With the altitude ranging between 600 to 1650 meter, it is the highest plain in the central brazil.

It has different types of plants and animals present there, some are: maned wolf, jaguar, pamps deer etc.

It has also been listed in the world heritage site by UNESCO  2001.


09.Sinhraja Forest, Srilanka :

Srilanka is really a good place to visit and these forest adds to the natural beauty of srilanka.

Sinhraja Forest is situated in the south-western part of srilanka. This national park in srilanks is really a tourist spot and attracts a lot of tourists towards its beauty.

This srilankan national park has international significance as it has been designated as a Biosphere reserve and also has been listed in the UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. There is a wide range of Flora and Fauna present here.  These Flora and Fauna present here are the most Unique present in this world. It has many waterfalls apart from medical herbs and rare trees and animals.


08. Montecristo  cloud forest, El Salvador :

It is very protective and thick forest with heavy rainfall which ranges from 500 to 10000 mm/year.  The temperature here is between 8 to 20 Celsius. It has very rare animals and plants present here.


07. The Monteverade Forest, Costa Rica : 

This forest is located in the city Monteverade city in costa rica.  It is considered as one of the major ecotourism  in Costa Rica. This forest is famous for Cloud forest reserve and many other reserves which attract a lot of tourists.

It is one of the seven wonders of costa rica, also it is at the 14th place in the list of  places to remember before they disappear.

The forest has a wide range of reptiles, mammals and birds.


06. The Mount Kinabalu National  Park,  Malaysia:

This is a one of National park in Malaysia established in1964. It was listed in the World Heritage Site of UNESCO.

It has around 4500 species of flora and fauna which includes more than 300 words and 100 mammal species.

This park is one of the most popular tourist spot in Malaysia.


05. Sapo National Park, Liberia :

It is the only National Park in Liberia. This National park has the highest mammal species diversity in the whole world.

Here fishing, hunting, agriculture, construction is strictly prohibited.


04.  Alaska’s Rainforest : 

This is one of the biggest rainforest in its area, with a wide range of both animals and tress. The tress here are long in length.  Different types of wild flowers  and berries are found here. It is spread in a very large area.

03.  The Amazon Rainforest :

It is a moist broad leaf forest that covers most of the Amazon Basin on South America. This complete basin is spread in 1.7 billion acres out of which 1.4 billion of acres are covered by the rainforest.  Its complete area comes in many different countries in South America with maximum in Brazil i.e 60% followed by Peru with 13%, the other countries where it is spread are: Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana etc..

It has very wide range of flora and fauna with around 2.5 million insects species, 10000 plants and 2000 birds and mammals.

It is said that one in ten known species  in the world is present here.

02.  Ecuador’s Cloud Forest :

It is one of the biggest cloud forest in the world with a size of 276880 square km. It also has the richest biodiversity with around 15% of the worlds plant species and nearly 20% of birds species. This forest is the home of around 50% birds in South America.

But the biggest problem is that this forest is being cleared at very fast rate which poses a great danger to a huge biodiversity.

01. Daintree, Australia : 

It is the tropical rainforest in Australia with a very big collection of flora and fauna. 30% frogs and 65% of bat and butterfly of Australia  are   present here.  It also has over 12000 species of insects.  This Australian forest is also listed in the list of UNESCO world heritage  site.

Daintree rainforest  is also the home of many rare and endangered species.


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