Top 10 Effective Ways to Control the Drastic Changes in Climate

Climate change has become a greatest challenge for modern-day civilization. This biggest environmental threat is already harming the ecosystem. People around the globe are working together to get themselves out from this tough situation. Let’s take a look on the top ten methods through which you can control the damage to the planet from this climate change.

10. Implement tax for polluting activities: Implement a new tax system for polluting activities such as carbon tax. This will help your area to reduce pollution and increase the green solutions.

9. Opt for renewable energy: By switching your account to renewable power, you can easily avoid the climate change. Energy created from the farm winds can help you in this case. Wave, solar and tidal energy are also very effective.

Change in Climate

8. Save energy: Not only switching off lights will save energy from wastage. You can also save the energy by switching all bulbs to solid fluorescent or LEDs. Instead of washing clothes to hot boiling water, you can save a lot of energy by washing them in warm or cold water. Try to avoid using dryer. Install programmable thermostat.

7. Vote for the right person: Try to take some time and get involved in several activities related to the climate change. Performing all these activities, you will realize who is the right person for your valuable vote. Vote who supports effective climate policies and want to take some immediate action on climate change such as build healthier communities, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and encourage different economic innovations.

6. Redesign your transport system: Generally, public transport systems are not always in good condition. By improving them, replacing them and later exchanging them into electric vehicles we can save our planet from this changing climate threat. Sometimes opt for a walk or cycle instead of riding a car. Go green and save your planet.

5. Go organic: Always try to buy organic vegetables as well as locally grown items. Try to eat wisely by adding more plants to your plate. Because meat and dairy meal emits 18 per cent of greenhouse gas that reaches to the upper atmosphere.

4. Avoid air travel: It is tough to avoid air travel as it is more convenient and time-saving. However, if you love your planet, then you can easily fly less as they leave behind a huge amount of poisonous gases. You can also opt for buses and trains for your travel and choose your holiday spots nearer to your home.

3. Support NGOs which support sustainability: There are so many organisations that are working hard for a solution to this problem. Try to support them and donate them for you better future.

2. Manage your waste properly: Always organised your wastes before you throw them in bin. Reduce these wastes by separating them as recycling paper, plastic, kitchen scraps, metal and glass. Following this you can easily avoid this drastic climate change.

1. Always follow the latest news: Try to follow the latest news on climate change. This will keep you updated and guide you to take the right decision.

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