Top 10 Beautiful Waterfalls to Visit

Seeing a waterfall makes you feel energized, relaxed and amazed. The gushing sound of the water is so powerful that seeing a waterfall is like looking on a breath taking beauty of nature. Have you ever wondered what the most beautiful waterfalls on Earth are? Let’s find out.

Top 10 Beautiful Waterfalls to Visit

Plitvice Waterfalls

This waterfall is found in the Southeast Europe and is considered to be one of the oldest national parks. Despite not being one of the highest falls out there, this is one of the beautiful because of its many cascades and water colour. If you love a clean and enigmatic water colour, then this waterfall simply has azure to turquoise colour, something that your eyes can’t resist looking at.

Victoria Falls

Located at the border part of Zambia and Zimbabwe, the Victoria Falls is one of the most extravagant falls on Earth. This is one of the largest falls with a width of 1.7 kilometres and a height of 108 meters. Your eyes will be filled with smoke and your ears with thunders are you go closer to this waterfall. In fact, this is part of the natural wonders of the Earth.

Iguazu Falls

If you want tons of cascades, this waterfall has hundreds to offer and getting closer to this fall is not that difficult therefore admiring its beauty and strength can be experienced easily. Iguazu falls are located in the border of Brazil and Argentinean province.

Niagara Falls

Located in North America, this waterfall is not just one of the most beautiful but as well as the biggest. It is said to have 750,000 gallons of water per second volume which is quite big! However, this is not one of the exceptionally high falls on Earth yet simply beautiful.


Located in Iceland, this waterfall is considered to be one of the tourist attractions because of its beauty and breath taking scene. This is a wild waterfall having 2 tiers with 90 degree angle measurements. In addition, this fall showcases rainbows most of the time which is one of the nature’s magic that is seldom seen.

Kaieteur Falls

Steep cascades and sandstones are some of the features you’ll see in this waterfall. It is found in Kaieteur National Park that is considered to be higher than the Niagara waterfalls, twice as high as the Victoria Falls in Africa. Considering this, you can consider Kaieteur Falls as one of the beautiful and tallest.

Angel Falls

Considered as the tallest waterfall in the world, Angel Falls is a jaw dropping scene to see which is about 807 meters of plunging height! It is uninterrupted and said to be permanent.

Yosemite Falls

Found in North Africa, this waterfall is considered to be the highest in the area and also one of the most beautiful. This comes with a 2 stage drop and 3 sections namely the upper fall, the middle fall and the lower fall. This fall was seen dry on October of 2013.

Sutherland Falls

This waterfall is divided into 3 cascades; the upper, the middle and the lower. This is also known to be the tallest waterfall in New Zealand. Its upper cascade is said to have 229 meters height, the middle with 248 meters height and its lower cascade with 103 meters height.


Another tourist attraction in Iceland is the Dettifoss. Its beauty is not just its main features but as well as its power! This waterfall is said to be one of the strongest and powerful in the entire Europe and only has 1 drop.


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