Top 10 Most Beautiful Flowers in the World

what is a flower???? simply flower is not only a pretty picture, these flower enhance the beauty of room,office,garden etc. If you want to know about flowers then you are on right place. Nature is rich with variety of flowers. Each flower have its own meaning, features. There are about 400,000 species of flowers in the world.  Here is a list of world’s most beautiful flowers in the world.

10. ROSE

Rose is considered as a ornamental plant. This is a symbol of immortal love. Roses are used for different purposes like: Perfumes, food, drinks, medicines, art etc. Rose colors may have a different meaning . Red rose : love , passion. Yellow rose: Joy , Gladness, Friendship. Pink rose: Grace, Appreciation, Gentleness. White rose: Purity, Happy love.

9. Cherry blossom

Cherry blossom is a japan’s unofficial flower also known by the name of Sakura.National cherry blossom day is celebrated in Japan on 15 March to honour its beauty and short life span, friends gather under the tree to celebrate day by singing songs,drinks etc. There is very much variety of cherry blossom and the most popular one is Somei yoshinoIt is also a ornamental flower. It symbolize the Militarism and Samurai spirit of Japanese. japan offered these trees as a symbol of peace to the countries of the world. The cherry blossom trees which are grown in Korea and U.S have no scent but in japan people write poems in the praise of cherry blossom’s scent.

8. Colorado Columbine

Columbine is a beautiful wild flower. There are around 70 species of columbine in all over the world. Columbine is a symbol of foolishness and considered as a bad luck to give this flower to a woman. It is designated the official state flower of Colorado in April,1899 by simple voting system by school children. The plant’s seed and roots are very poisonous. Its roots in small amount are helpful for treatment of ulcer. Columbine is most honored flower in the states of  United States.

7. Bleeding heart

It is a red heart shaped perennial flower with a spur at the base which disappears in mid summer. It is a symbol of undying love or loving other unconditionally with open heart. Each and every part of bleeding flower is poisonous  when ingested,essence is used to cure toothache and headache. It is of yellow, white, red, pink, ivory and it blooms in spring. Scientific name : Dicentra species. It grows on landscapes. Related species are: Dicentra eximia Dicentra formosa Dicentra spectabilis Dicentra scandens

6. Black eyed susan

Black eyed susan is declared as a official state floral emblem of Maryland in 1918. This is 3 feet tall plant,blooming in between may and august. It is sometime perennial and sometime biennial. It is a wild flower. Black eyed susan’s root are used to treat colds and worms in children. The botanic name for Black Eyed Susan is Rudbeckia. There are lots of varieties.

5. Blue bells

Bluebell is native of England, France and Scotland and designated as a national flower of Scotland.These flowers are grow in wooded area.This flower attracts humming bird because of shape of its bloom. This is a perennial flower grow in a cluster and  named after its shape. Bluebell are also off-white and creamy color. Cream colored bluebells are rarely found in nature . In Britain Bluebells are symbol of death, generally planted on the graves.

4. Calla lily

Calla lily is a most beautiful flower usually used in weddings for decor purposes. Calla is a greek word which means beautiful. Calla lily signifies the beauty. In some places Calla lilies are used in funeral. Calla lily is poisonous flower. Scientific name: Zantedeschia. Calla lily is not actually a lily.

3. Hydrangea

Hydrangea is a aquatic plant. There are 70 to 75 species of hydrangea native to southern and eastern Asia and north and south America . Hydrangea is most popular ornamental flower. The name of the flower is derived from Greek word signifying water-vessel. Space multiple hydrangeas is about 3 to 10 feet apart. Anthocyanin is a red pigment which is the source of color in hydrangea. The colors of flowers changes dramatically which add beauty of the garden. It is toxic if eaten. Hydrangea is produced from early spring to late autumn.

2. Lily of the valley

Lily of the valley signifies the return of happiness and also symbol of humility in religious painting. It is used for medicinal purposes. It is used to celebrate May day in France. It is also known for bridal arrangement. It is a poisonous woodland flower if ingested can cause abdominal pain or can reduce heatbeat rate.

1. Canna

The Canna is a tropical flower, typically red, pink, orange, yellow or any combination of those colors.The canna flower is made up of three petals, three sepals and three petal-like stamens. In Thailand, Canna flower are the traditional gift on Father’s Day. The scientific name for the common Canna is Canna x Generalis.

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