Top 10 Most Expensive Watch Companies of the World

Gone are the days when watches were used mainly as time pieces. Today watches of various designs are used more as an accessory and are matched perfectly with the overall look. Celebrities and famous personalities opt for exquisitely crafted exclusive watches that help them to create a style quotient. There are many watch companies which manufacture expensive time pieces with fine craftsmanship and add elegance and panache. Here is a list of most expensive watch companies of the world.


10. Piaget

Founded in 1874, Piaget is one of the top manufacturers of luxury watches. Owned by the Richemont Group of Switzerland, this Swiss watch company is highly innovative and never fails to lure its customers with beautiful masterpieces. This company has managed to build up a respectable position through inventive craftsmanship like ultra-thin movement, tourbillon movement, retrograde movement and self-winding movement. The Piaget watches have gained expertise in the art of enameling with beautiful paintings embossedon them. Diamonds and other precious stones of the highest quality are set on the watches manually and they bring a rich look. The Black-tie collection or the watches of the Creative Collection are awesome. Priced at $3.3million, the Piaget Emperador ‘Temple’ is a true masterpiece.


9. Hublot

Hublot is another Swiss watch company that was set up 1980 and has ever since grown as a luxury watch maker. The founder of this watch company is Carlo Crocco. This company has produced a number of High-end luxurious watches with the best possible technology and design. The Hublot Black Caviar Bang with a price tag of $1million is exquisite. The Hublot Geneve Big Bang watch with beautifully crafted diamonds is spectacular.


8. Audemars Piguet

This Swiss watch company has been delivering luxurious watches since 1875. This company was initially co-founded by Audemars and Piguet. Designed with immense precision by the most skilled and knowledgeable designers, this company offers a wide array of designer watches. The Audemars Piguet watches are a combination of elegance, style and tradition. The Royal Oak Grande Complication Audemars Piguet exhibits the expertise of artisans through intricate designs.


7. Chopard

With its headquarters at Geneva, this watch company was founded by Louis Ulysse Chopard in 1860. Chopard attract the customers with a variety of watches like quartz watches, mechanical watches, gem-studded watches, watches with classic designs and sporty watches. The Chopard Super Ice Cube is stunning and the extraordinary design is a perfect masterpiece. Priced at $1.1million, this watch is crafted with precious gemstones. The 201-Carat Chopard is studded with beautiful colored diamonds and bears a heavy price tag of $25million.


6. Ulysse Nardin

This watch company, set up in Le Cole, Switzerland, has pioneered in making mechanical watches with the most innovative and complicated technology. Founded in 1846, this company was set up by Ulysse Nardin and over the years has delivered unique time pieces that are cherished all over the world. The Ulysse Nardin Genghis Khan Haute Joaillerie is a masterpiece. It is the first wristwatch that has an added feature of Westminster chime.


5. Cartier

Cartier, a subsidiary of Richemont, is a French company and was founded by Louis Francois Cartier. This company was founded in 1847 and is based at Paris. It is famous for the exquisite designs and delicate craftsmanship. Some of its collections are Calibre de Cartier, Pasha de Cartier, Tank, Santos de Cartier, Ligne 21 de Cartier, Baignoire and Tonneau. The Cartier Phoenix-shaped Watch is exceptional and will cost you $2.755million.


4. Blancpain

This watch company was established in 1735 by Jehan Jacques Blankpain and was later revived by Jeane Claude Biver. Owned by the Swatch Group, this watch company has its headquarters at Paudex in Switzerland. Blancpain is valued for the most complicated techniques created with immense skill. The Blancpain 1735 is an outstanding creation as it is a unique blend of six exclusive timepieces. Priced at $800,000, this watch is definitely an owner’s pride.


3. Jaeger-LeCoultre

This company was formally launched in 1937 and has never looked back. This watch company has produced some of the finest and most luxurious watches. With intricate designs and with technology of the highest order, this company has managed to create some of the world’s best masterpieces. This company offers a Reverso Personalization option where the customers can add a personal touch by engraving their name or symbol. This is done through gem-cutting or enameling. The Joalliere101 Manchette is awesome and is created with patience and delicate artistry. This watch is believed to be the costliest watch ever manufactured.


2. Vacheron Constantin

The Swiss company was initially established by Jean-Marc Vacheron in 1755 but partnered with François Constantin in 1815 and till date produces one of the finest and most luxurious watches.  The “Tour de I’lle” collection is one of the most complex watches as it comprises of 834 parts. This marvelous watch is made with great technique and this technology surpasses all levels of horology.


1. Patek Philippe

This watch company was launched in 1851 in Geneva. The Patek Phillipe time pieces symbolize luxury and lavishness. It produces exquisite range of immaculately designed watches in limited editions. It has a huge clientele of famous personalities including royalties of various countries. The $1.3 million Sky Moon Tourbillon and the $4million Platinum World Time are some of its classic collection. The Patek Philippe’s Supercomplication is a magnificent pocket watch that comes with a price tag of $11million.

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