Top 10 Most Expensive Items-Things in the World

 There are some things in this world which are cheap but there are many things in this world which are costly or expensive. People have to buy things which are necessary for a good living no matter if they are cheap or costly. We people always swap between cheap and costly items. Some good things don’t come cheap. Thus, are out of hand of most of the people of this world as there is more population of middle class people than rich brats. So, the pleasures of these expensive items are mostly and generally taken by rich people only. There is a huge list of things or items that fall under the category of the most expensive things of the world. Names of some of the categories are the most expensive car, the most expensive house, the most expensive watch, the most expensive dish, the most expensive paintings, the most expensive wines, the most expensive dress, the most expensive shoes, etc. if I am about to list some things which I think are the most expensive items of the world then the top 10 list of the most expensive items in the world would be the following:

*10) Vieille Bon Secours ale: The Most Expensive Beer: 

Vieille Bon Secours is a 12 litre bottle which has been stored for past 10 years. The bottle contains 8 per cent of alcohol. A bottle costs £700 and is available in some London Restaurants. One of them is the Belgo restaurant in Holborn. It has a different taste of caramel, citric and toffee flavours. The beer is presented in dark, amber and blond and can be bought online. It is a special drink for special occasions.

*9) Spin Jean: the Most Expensive Jeans: 

Well, I guess nothing is expensive for fashion freaks!! Damien Hirst in association with Levi’s introduced the ‘Spin Jean’.  Spin Jean is the most expensive jeans as it costs ¥2,625,000 JPY (approximately $27,000 USD). When the new denim style was made public, he teams up with Levi’s.  You will find a multi-coloured splatter pattern printed on the jeans. It covers each and every square inch of the iconic jeans.  This jean is more considered as a piece of art than fashion.

*8) The R. Jewels Diamond Edition Suit: Most Expensive Suit: 

The R. Jewels Diamond Edition suit was prepared by the handwork of 600 men hours. At least 500 diamonds were fixed strategically throughout the suit and the suit was a flagship creation of R. Jewels line of luxury suits. The suit was made up of cashmere wool and costs about £599,000. The suit will make even the richest person in the world think twice before handling over his credit card and purchasing this suit.

*7) Ocean: The Most Expensive Houseboat: 

Ocean is a three-bed roomed houseboat which is moored at Cadogan Pier in Chelsea and has been put for sale on the market for a huge amount of £1 million (US $1.6 million). The houseboat has a 577 square foot deck, three bedrooms and carpeted floors. It also includes a study area, modern kitchen, a utility room, bathrooms with roll top facilities, even a reception area and a swimming pool also; thus making it a completely functional boat with all the facilities needed by every family when the boat is taken down the river or to the sea. The boat was sailed to UK but was purchased in France. It is the most expensive boat available in the market.

*6) The Eighth Continent: The Most Expensive Bath: 

The ME! Bath ® Company provides you the most expensive bath which starts from $50,000 only. Yes! The ‘only’ word didn’t suits the sentence as most of the people of this world cannot afford this bath. The bath “Eighth Continent” has got the purest waters and rarest ingredients. The water used is harvested from most remote regions of the world. Thus, is very unique and expensive. The bath will prove to be a once in a life time experience and you will feel like paradise.

*5) King’s Button: The Most Expensive iPhone:

 The Apple iPhone 3G ‘King’s Button’ is the most luxurious and expensive iPhone ever costing a whooping amount of $2,517,345 (£1.6m) for its buyers.  Peter Aloisson, the Australian Jeweller is the creator of this iPhone.  The headset was surrounded by a gold line of 18-carat yellow gold, white gold and rose gold.  138 best quality 6.6 carat diamonds which are dazzlingly cut are crusted in the phone.

*4) Aurumania Gold Bike: the Most Expensive Bicycle

Aurumania Gold Bike Crystal popularly known as the “Crystal Edition” is the top of the line Bicycle which is highlighted with about 600 Swarovski crystals. The bicycle is plated with 24 karat gold. The finest leather was used for making the Brooks saddle seat and the leather used for handlebar grips is chocolate brown. Thus, we can say that it is decorated with high grade leather. The bicycle costs 80,000 (US: $114.464) and can be delivered anywhere in the world. The bicycle is a limited edition item and is unquestionably the world’s most expensive bicycle.

*3) Bugatti Veyron: the Most Expensive Car

The car was designed and developed by Liverpool- based designer Stuart Hughes and his partner Swiss luxury model car maker Robert Gulpen. The car weighs in all 1,888kg (4,162 lb). The car is formed with solid 24ct gold and platinum. On its front grill, the car contains a single cut diamond of 7.2ct.  Within the car the buyer will get the photo documentation of the manufacturing process and an aluminium case. The car can easily travel over 230 mph and in just 2.5 seconds it can hit 62 mph. The car is of about 10 inch; contain detailed engine, high class functional steering and costs more than $1.2 million making it the most expensive car model.

*2) Royal Villa: The Most Expensive Hotel Room:

The royal Villa at the Grand Resort Lagonissi in Athens is the most expensive hotel room (of £30,500 per night for doubles) till date. You will not only be serviced by the dedicated butler but also a pianist and a private chef. The Villa provides you with all the luxuries you want in your life including a private pool and a hydro massage device for your pleasure. The bathroom of the room is marble- lined. A private terrace and some march in wardrobes will be there for you. You can travel around the Greek Island through a private jet provided by them. Hhmmm… The Royal Villa is worth its price.

*1) Villa Leopolda: The Most Expensive House: 

The Villa situated on the French Mediterranean coast was sold for £390 million to a Russian Billionaire. It is the world’s most expensive house named Villa Leopolda. The Villa was build originally on the Cote d’Azur for King Leopold II of Belgium. The Villa is cream colored and spread across 20 acres of garden. About 50 gardeners are the care takers of the garden which has 1200 olive, lemon, orange and cypress trees.


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