Top 10 Most Expensive Gifts For Women

If you are finding it hard to look for a gift for the woman you love, then you can try one of the 10 most expensive gifts on this list. Since most of these gift ideas are expensive, the woman you love will surely appreciate any of these gifts. Check them out:

10. Romantic getaway or cruise

If you want to have a romantic and exciting time to celebrate your special day with your wife or girlfriend, you can have it on a cruise. It may be expensive but the experience is surely something to look forward to and definitely worth remembering.  So, plan for a reservation on a romantic cruise with your woman now.

9. Spa day

Most of the women today are workaholic and if your partner is one of them, treating her at the most expensive spa in your place is a very sweet and thoughtful thing to do. You can also be with her on that day by purchasing a spa package for couples.

 8. Gift baskets or gift cards

If you want to spoil your woman with lots of surprises, then giving gift baskets of her favorites is a smart move to make. You can also think of gift vouchers at a romantic restaurant or a shopping voucher that your woman can use to buy her favorite perfume or jewelry.  You can also buy some gift cards that will allow her to spend a getaway with her girlfriends or have a gift basket that houses her favorite chocolates.

7. Fine wine and spirits

We know that some wines are expensive but it is not important since wines can make your night more interesting and romantic than ever before. So, order for her favorite brand of wine now.

6. Lingerie

High quality materials such as silk, chiffon and lace are the fabric used by excellent lingerie brands. So, make sure that if you buy a piece or two lingerie’s, choose those brands that are your partner’s favorites.

5. Dinner and a movie

Exclusive dinners are more expensive than a candle-lit dinner. If your partner enjoys watching movies, then combining a dinner and a movie date at a very exclusive place is the best thing that you can do. You can look for this online and have a reservation on your most favorable date.

4. Perfume

Another expensive gift for women is a perfume. So, make sure that you know the favorite scent of your partner or you may try giving her a new scent, for a change.

Expensive Gifts

3. Jewelry

Women just fancy jewelries. You can perhaps choose a diamond set of jewelry, for diamonds are known to be a woman’s best friend.

2. Candy

Try to buy some chocolates when you’re going to travel in some other places or countries. Aside from diamonds, women also love sweet-tasting chocolates to indulge her sweet tooth making it a perfect surprise or anniversary gift for her.

1. Flowers

A bouquet of tulips or Holland roses will surely sweep your woman’s feet off the ground. Flowers are one of the most expensive gifts for women; just make sure that you find a fancy flower shop that makes the best bouquets of flowers or any types of flower arrangements.

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