Top 10 Most Expensive Gifts you can give your Husband

Every man deserves a present once in his life. If you want to surprise your husband with some of the most amazing gifts you must think how they`ll help or entertain him. A gift can make a man happy or upset him, so you have to do the right choice when you buy something for him. Men can be satisfied very easy and there are a lot of gifts that every man will love .For some people money is a problem, but if you don`t care about money you should buy your husband some of the top 10 most expensive gifts:

10. Agresti Briar Chess Set

Most men play chess because it clears their minds and makes them more strategic in any kind of problem. A chess match is not the same if you play it with a cheap set or an expensive one that looks extraordinary. The Agresti Briar Chess set costs 600 euro and it is one of the best gifts for your husband. Made by experienced craftsmen in Florence this chess set looks classy and every piece has its own place.

9. Lunch in Paris

Paris is the most romantic city in the world. A lot of couples go there to celebrate their bindings and you only have to pay 800 euro for a 2 person lunch. You will see the amazing constructions in France like Eiffel tower, Notre Dame, Grand Palais and Le Louvre. Some of the most delicious croissants and wines expect you and your husband in Paris. Every man loves quality food, good wines and every woman wishes to go to Paris. By going to Paris you can grant a present for your husband that will also please you.

8. Dunhill Sentryman Meteorite Pen

A good looking quality pen is always appreciated by men.  Dunhill London produced the best pen you can give to your husband. It has the manliest look and it has black diamonds and a meteorite stone craved in it. This pen looks absolutely amazing and if you give it to your husband, he will appreciate it and be astonished by its attractive look. This pen craved with meteorite stone and black diamonds costs 1.300 euro.

7. Sony Aibo

Even if they don`t like to recognize, men are still children on the inside. Their toys are bigger and more expensive but men still remain children. A lot of men are passionate by technology and if you want to surprise your husband you can buy him a Sony Aibo. Aibo is a robot dog produced by Sony Company that has 20 motorized joints and acts like a normal puppy. This small robot puppy can be very funny, especially that it does a lot of commands. Your husband will love this present because it will make both of you laugh a lot. Sony Aibo costs you only 1.500 euro.

6. Formula 1 Driving Experience

Every man wished once in its life to drive a Formula 1 car. Men like the awesome power and raw excitement produced by driving a strong car. Formula 1 car is the strongest and fastest so everybody wishes to drive one on a racing track. Breathtaking speed, amazing torch and extreme handling will provide you a driving experience that you will not forget. To give your husband the opportunity of driving some of the strongest cars you only have to pay 2.499 euro. He will get a training course before driving alone and some practice laps. The circuit is perfectly smooth and easy to go through so your husband will not hurt himself. This present is the most suitable for every man and he will not forget it very easy.

5. A Snooker Table

Snooker tables are suitable for most men who like to watch and play snooker. When your husband has a night with his friends, they can come play snooker and have fun under your observation. You have to pay 5.000 euro for a professional full-size snooker table with high performance rubber cushions.

4. BMW S 1000 RR

With a cylindrical capacity of 999 cubic centimeters and 193 horse power BMW S 1000 RR is the perfect gift for any husband. The only thing you have to worry about is your husband`s safety, because this motorcycle is made to role at high speed. To make your man one of the happiest in this world you only have to pay 18.000 euro.

3. Hublot Black Caviar Bang

A fine watch is appreciated by every person but Hublot Caviar Bang is not just a fine watch: is one of the most expensive watches in the world and looks amazing. It is carved with 544 diamonds that for a total of 34.5 carats. This watch costs 1 million euro and it will make your husband the proudest man in the world.

2. Bugatti Veyron

As I said before, men love to drive a powerful car at high speeds. Bugatti Veyron will be the ultimate type of car you can give him. With a total of 1.200 horse power this monster can reach up to 420 kilometers per hour. The comfort and speed provided by Bugatti costs you 1.7 million euro.

1. Pilatus PC-12 Air

Pilatus PC-12 Air is the most expensive present you can give your husband. This airplane has everything you need: comfort, safety and speed. It is one of the most remarkable aircrafts in the world and it will make your husband pass out.

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