Top 10 Most Expensive Cities of India 2012

Indian economy is growing with a bang and this has led middle and upper-middle class people to have large income and power. India is a home to large number of billionaires and rich people, an increase in the number of luxury cars and expensive telephones. In India out of 35 major cities, cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chandigarh, Pune and others have grown tremendously. The buildings, apartments, hotels, restaurants and overall lifestyle is bit expensive than compared to other cities.Every facilities are easily available here. People of these cities also get income at high rates.

Top 10 most expensive cities in India are:

10. Jaipur

Jaipur is the largest city and capital of Rajasthan. It is popularly known as ‘pink city’. It is also the well-planned city in India. The architecture and structure of Jaipur reflects royalty of Rajputs. It is a metropolitan city and also a major business hub. It is famous for its export business of gold, diamond and stone jewellery. Real estate business is expanded in Jaipur. It a popular and favorite tourist destination.  In coming years, it will become a major center of modern business.

9. Chandigarh

Chandigarh is the capital of Both Punjab and Haryana. It was the first planned city in India and is famous internationally for its architecture. The city has the highest per capita income in the country at Rs.99,262 at current prices. It is also the cleanest city in India. Chandigarh is the richest city in India with an estimated GDP of  $2.2 billion in current prices.

8. Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is the capital of Gujrat, a largest city in India. It is the seventh largest metropolitan city in India. Judicial capital of Gujrat is also in Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad is the best mega city to live in declared by IMRB. Ahmedabad is the expensive city with a net GDP of  $59 billion. It is the largest supplier of Denim and exporters of jewellery.

7. Kolkatta

Kolkatta is the capital of West Bengal. It is the center of commercial and financial industries. Kolkatta also has its own stock exchange . It is the third most poplular metropolitan city and  is famous for its trade union shut downs. Some reputed companies like Bata India, ITC Limited, Birla Corporation , others have headquarters there. Kolkata is having an advantage after the Opening of the Nathu La in Sikkim as a trade route. The IT industry has helped the city to lift up.

6. Pune

Pune is the eighth largest metropolitan city in India and the second largest city in Maharashtra. Pune is growing tremendously in all aspects like educational facilities and well-established buildings, glass, sugar, and  industries. The city growth is so much that it is the discussion topic now days. The city is home to automotive sector and Symbiosis university of Pune. The city is working on improving its housing facilities.

5. Hyderabad

Hyderabad is the capital of Andhra Pradesh and sixth populous metropolitan city in India. Hyderabad is known as the city of pearls. It is a major center of IT industry, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies in India. Hyderabad International airport is reported as the world’s fifth best airport.

4. Chennai

Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu and the fourth populous metropolitan and expensive city in India. It is a major hub in Information technology, computers, automobile and medical industries. The city is a center of Business process outsourcing (BPO) Services. It is a fastest growing city and is home to 24 best companies with a net worth of more than 1 billion $.

3. Bangalore

Bangalore is the capital of Karnataka and third most expensive city in India. It is known as a IT hub. Bangalore is also called as Garden city for its beautiful gardens and parks. Bangalore was ranked as a ‘Beta World City’ and was included in the list of global cities. The city is considered as  one of “The Next Decade’s Fastest-Growing Cities” with  INR52,346 crore economy.

2. Mumbai

Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra and the most populous city in India. It is also the richest city with highest GDP. It is the second most expensive city for expats. Since 2000, its real estate prices are rising tremendously. It also the sixth expensive city for office spaces. India’s major television and publishing houses resides in Mumbai. It is also the center of Hindi movie industry, Bollywood.

1. Delhi

Delhi, the capital of India, is the largest metropolitan area. It is the most expensive city in India. Delhi is the largest commercial center with an estimated SDP of Rs.157,817 Crores. Delhi is a major hub of telecom, construction, power, health and real estate business. Delhi also has India’s largest retail industries thats why land prices in Delhi is rising with boom.

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