Top 10 Home Computer Money Making Ideas

Within the less-than-perfect economic times, finding a way of complementing your income through another money- making computer idea from the comfort of your home is the way to go. The technological advancements in today’s world have basically made it even more practicable. Here is a list of the top ten ways of making money with your personal; computer from your home or office.

Top Ten Home Computer Money Making Ideas

10. Affiliate Marketing:

The beauty about affiliate marketing is that you can sell products and services on the World Wide Web without having to manufacture, store or even ship the goods. All that you are supposed to do is send the leading companies prospective potential buyers and once the transaction is successfully made you get paid for the service. Moreover, you don’t need a huge capital to start this business as is the case with other businesses because you actually don’t have to buy the products or services.

9. E-book Sales:

There are actually two ways of making money through eBooks namely writing the books or selling other authors’ books. You can sell the eBooks of other authors through the affiliate marketing programs or better still by buying the rights of the eBooks before selling them from various sites.

8. Web Designing:

If you have the knowhow and the necessary skills required in designing or developing websites you can easily start making money by doing web design. All you need is the necessary hardware and software to start making money in this field.


7. Accounting:

If you’re a professional accountant, you can start bookkeeping on the internet. You can actually earn some extra income by doing some accounting on the internet right from your home. You can buy a tax franchise, if you have enough free time so as to provide businesses in your locality with the servicers.

6. Billing:

You can take up all the billing for small businesses in your area if you convince them that you have top notch financial skills. Medical experts such as dentists and optometrists can hire your services.

5. Transcription:

It’s common knowledge that professionals in the medical and legal industries need transcribers for their businesses. Good English language qualities can help you a great deal when it comes to transcribing.

4. Consulting:

This is actually a very vast area that is dictated by your particular expertise. So depending on what you can do professionally and your experiences in various areas, you can very well consult for different companies through the internet.

3. Interior Design:

Although, you won’t fully work from home with this particular field, you can still come up with customized interior designs that you can sell online. Alternatively, you can contact some of your local customers to hammer the details of the interior designs you design on your computer.

2. IT Services:

If you understand some of the quirks that come with the computers and how to go about solving the problems, you can simply make money from the comfort of your home. As a technician you can start a service of walking the computer owners through the problem of solving the problem. You can use emails, phone or live chats in talking with your customers and getting paid through the online banking platforms.

1. Freelance Writing/Editing:

If you have amazing writing and grammar skills, then you should consider using your strong points for making a living through the internet. You basically, need a computer and stable internet connection to start bidding for writing projects on some of the major article writing sites.



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