Top 10 Youngest People who made a lot of Money through Internet

With changing times internet has also changed its dimensions from simple mode of communication to searching till creating a business out of this. In today’s world there are people who cannot afford to have PC’s on the other hand there are people who have become millionaires through internet by investing and creating their own business by preparing websites and inviting and expanding their relationships and interacting more with people through this. Anyone with creative mind and practical knowledge with determination can do business on internet by investing and earning till the level of becoming rich. There are famous personalities who have become rich at short span of time that also at young age in the end they help in more of internet sites promotion on the other hand encourage people who direct their life or have dream of such level. Here are some internet made young millionaires.

10. Anshul Samar

Anshul is one of the youngest internet entrepreneurs who earned 1 million dollar by creating his own company Elemento at school level at the age of 13yrs. In 2009 he officially created own board game thus become CEO of Alchemist empire at such a small age. Main idea of this company is not only games but board game is associated with chemistry subject as gaming through cards teaches chemistry creating interest for the subject and fantasy for children thus both motives which is studying as well as playing are fulfilled. In this game every fun card is distinguished by elements and compounds adding something new to the game create interest in chemistry and further invoke to play the game thus study as its various apps show periodic table of elements. Thus in this way combining both features together anshul is able to achieve great success through this game.

9. Jake Nickell

He is the one who started his business with co founder Jacob DeHart in the year 2000 by spending $1000 and now not only earning but giving employment to other also. Company Threadless is basically based on new innovations and creative designs which are post on internet and later on designs with maximum voting ar selected to be printed on Tshirts and sold online only. Thus this internet made millionaire has properly utilized this source by creating every work from internet only and earning good upto 50 million dollars by selling apparels online only. Proper business is done as payment is made to the creator of design with bonus thus community is being made and expanding as new ones enter to this company.

8. Alexander Levin

In the year 2003 with creative vision and intelligence Alexander started his business with the idea of image hosting website named as Image Shack. Later on this website become largest image hosting and storing website as in this one can change and upload photos as per their choice as many times in different ways as the name indicates this site is exclusively for the images whether own or created through imagination and open to the media or audience. This website can be said as a dream of Levin which was successfully framed in real life. Through this website he earned $56million basically from advertisements which was declared to be one of the fastest growing brand in the world in 2006.

7. John Vechey

This name is mostly remembered with famous game developing company Pop Cap Games which offers wide range of games from puzzles till racing. In 2000 John Vechey created this company with few people but now flourished with more employments and earning worth 60 million dollars. One of the most common game which become its flagship is Bejewelled which is available in various versions and copies on the other hand won awards also. This game developer is available in various sets whether it is PC or mobile phone and can be played free as well as purchased also according to customer suitability.

6. Angelo Sotira

Internet is considered to be one of the best way to showcase talent this site produced by Angelo Sotira at the age of 26 declaring one of the largest art community in the world. This site Deviant Art is the best for creative artist from traditional art to photography as artists have no limit to its creativity thus anyone with their collection of works can post on this site and earn. This online community artwork was launched in America in the year 2000 and has earned about 75 million dollars.

5. Andrew Michael

This 29 yrs old man is the founder of web hosting company named Fasthosts which is dealing with great competitions with other internet based companies. This company gives accessibility to web whether online or offline on the other hand has started with new concepts and techniques beneficial fro people such as livewire facility. This business if started and flourished good has possibility of  becoming as it offers different services as Michael owns 110 million dollars through this company.

4. Blake Ross

Blake Ross is the one who with his partner created web browser Mozilla Firefox which is recorded to be second popular browser in terms of usage due to its accessibility and speed. In 2003 both the partners started with this big project to raise their names in online world as they offer huge free browsing to people and earn from the accessibility on the other hand they have other services also such as download manager, integrated web system. Ross is working on other projects also based on internet only as his first project have given him lot upto 120 million dollars and want to invest more.

3. Chad Hurley

This name is mostly remembered through video sharing website which is one of the most common and popular  website these days that is You Tube. Before launching of You Tube Hurley was working on the designing of PayPal logo for eBay’s Paypal division with creative minds and new techniques he successfully designed original logo. After this he with Paypal employees worked on Youtube project which is one of the biggest achievement as this site is viewed by 2 billion region and earned 300 million dollars till now. With the popularity of this site much more than television this man has become millionaire but expected to earn more.

2. Andrew Gower

Andrew Gower can be called as king of online gaming as he is the developer of british video games and Jagex Games Studio. One of the most popular online game Runescape is developed by him on the other hand he is working on latest techniques to be played by kids such as sci fi game. His online game never goes out of vague and new versions of jagex company are java gaming experts. They have created and gather this much success as if they stop working on these companies they will still be remembered and their games will still be played as by now they have become game designer of holding 650 million dollars.

1. Mark Zuckerberg

He is one of the richest internet made man on the planet through one of the most popular social networking site Facebook which have earned more than people having in small countries rather there is no limit to his growth as popularity is rising day by day. His reference is even made in the Hollywood movie. Mark website have engaged people to socialize more through internet on the other hand defined online source benefits more clearly to the people unaware about the fact side by side he has also cornered people from professional life as entertainment source and the way to know about each other. In 2004 Facebook was launched and by 2012 he is one of the richest man who knows in next year’s where he reach.


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