Top 10 Websites to Download Old Versions of Software

There are many reasons why one would want to downgrade software to an older version. The newer versions might be causing problems with the operating system that it is installed on. Or one might find oneself unable to adapt to a new interface. The official websites of popular software like Yahoo! Messenger, Internet Download Manager and Skype tend to have a link of only the latest version that the developers believe is stable enough. Fortunately, there are quite a few websites from where older versions of software can be found. Listed below are ten of the best such sites.


This is a site which hosts an index of programs which are compatible with the Macintosh operating system only. You might find a few dead links here and there on this website, but the overall experience is pretty browse worthy. Not to mention, this is one of the very few good sites where old versions of Mac programs are available.


A website hosting a total of 1,335 versions of 186 of the most popular programs can be considered a good enough resource. The programs are categorized under titles such as utilities, communication, drivers etc.


This site indexes the most stable versions of the most popular programs. They are organized under categories which are easy to browse. What this site could really use, however, is a search function.


There are a lot of programs that, after becoming popular and successful, start releasing paid-only versions. This site specializes in old and free versions of such programs.


This site does pretty much what it name suggests. It lists old versions of popular software and drivers. You can search for a specific version of a certain program using the search bar.


This one is pretty much the same as the previous entry. It is a rich resource of FTP and TFTP clients.


This site lists only Microsoft Windows-compatible software and the entries are alphabetically. There is a total of 2,453 old software and you can easily search for the program you are looking for using the alphabetically arranged list.


This old version website is known particularly for its friendly graphical interface. The entries are listed chronologically and you do not need to go in deep just to download a single file. A single click on the name of the program will instantly initiate your download.


This one indexes software for two of the most popular computer operating systems: Windows and Mac. There are 194 Windows programs available which make up a total of 2,843 versions. Mac users can choose from 550 versions of 40 programs.

Top 10 site for Old Software OldApps


You can use the categories to find the program version you are looking for. Or alternatively, you can also use the search box located at the top right corner of the screen. The site also has an active forum community that can help you find a particular version that you fail to find on this site.

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