Top 10 Most Popular File Sharing Programs

Since the times when the internet started to become a popular utility in the average household, file sharing has been going on and evolving. Some file sharing applications have survived more than a decade of evolution while others have popped up and died out.

Below is a list of the 10 most popular file sharing programs of the past few years.

10. Soulseek

This is a central server type of P2P file sharing program. This is a good option if you are looking to share music, whether it is audio or video. This application is compatible with all versions of Windows from XP onwards.

9. Ares Galaxy

This is a general file sharing application with a good mix of all types of material. It is quite safe to download files using this medium as there is very little risk of infecting your computer with virus. The lite version of Ares will not install any adware on your computer and will run quite fast. This application is also compatible with all versions of Windows, from XP onwards.

8. KCeasy

This one based on fiFT P2P file sharing protocol. The efficiency and download times on this type of P2P network is improved as it is capable of download a single file from a few users at the same time.

7. eMule

This is one of the most reliable file sharing applications out there on the internet. Based on edonkey2000 client, eMule is free and open source. There is support for many languages and a filter is also in place to help you decide which files are the real deal.

6. Bearshare Lite

Bearshare has a large user base and the number of files shared amount to millions. This application also supports Multilanguage. If you want to download mp3 music, this is the program you are looking for.

5. iMesh

iMesh is another free P2P file sharing application that does not install any adware or spyware with itself. If iMesh’s claim is to be believed, there are more than 15 million free songs and 2 million premium quality songs licensed by record companies.

Top 10 File Sharing Software Imesh

4. Kazaa

Though Kazaa Lite is the more preferred edition, Kazaa is the official one. Kazaa has been making some efforts recently to make its official client spyware and adware free.

Top 10 File Sharing Programs Kazaa

3. Shareaza

This is one of the earliest P2P applications, back when the concept of peer to peer file sharing was still new to the online world. Over time, it has been able to evolve itself to compete with the biggest and the best in the business.

2. Wireshare

Running on Gnutella (the same network that LimeWire used to run before it shut down following a court order), Wireshare is a P2P application in which almost everything can be searched for and downloaded.

1. uTorrent or BitTorrent

This is arguably the lightest, fastest and safest P2P file sharing program that exists out here on the internet. Both applications are owned by the same company and their interfaces are also practically identical. Users of these applications claim that it would be difficult for any other application to compete with these two big guns.

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