Top 10 Most Liked Pages on Facebook

Facebook is without doubt the most potent social networking site, which can be used by people of all ages. For this reason, brands find it quite profitable to run fan pages for advertising purposes. It is free to create a page on Facebook but there is really no limit to the number of people it reaches.

Below is the list of the top ten brands who have managed to make it big time on Facebook.

10. PlayStation

With 30 million likes at the time of writing, PlayStation have really shown their caliber to be able to make it to this list, considering that their last major gaming console was released six years ago.


9. Oreo

The cream-filled vanilla biscuits, which happen to be quite popular in the internet culture, are in at 9th with almost 32 million likes. The probable reason why these biscuits made it to this list is that a lot of memes are based on them and they appear on plenty of internet comics.


8. Starbucks

The coffee shop that you see four or five of on your way to work is at 8th on this particular list with 33 million likes. There is good reason for this coffee shop chain being on this list too because when you drink their coffee, you actually taste it and you know where your money went.

7. Converse

The legendary shoe company which is known for its “Chuck Taylors” that are quite popular among young people. The Converse All-Stars are popular all around the world which would explain the amount of likes this page has.

6. Red Bull

Americans love energy drinks. They love to take those shots at night and stay awake a little longer than their bedtimes. The bulk of the likes that this energy drink company has come from America. There are some from other areas as Red Bull is an international brand.

5. Disney

Most of the youth of today, who amount for the most of the Facebook users, were kids during the 90s when some of the best Disney movies and cartoons came out. This is why the number of likes for Disney is 42 million they have every single one of those likes.

4. MTV

The biggest and the best music channel out there in the world. Most music loving countries have their own versions of MTV. The US version happens to have 42 million likes.

3. Coca-Cola

There is a clear winner if ever there were to be a contest between Pepsi and Coke because this page is 3rd on a list where Pepsi does not even appear.

2. Intel

The Intel microprocessor series, the set of CPUs on which most of the computers are running and in turn users Facebook. Therefore, they deserve some respect from the users and the number of likes that this technology giant has managed to rake in is plain to see.

1. Facebook

Perhaps rather unsurprisingly, the number one on this list is Facebook itself. The reasons are self-explanatory and we do not need to go into its details.


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