Top 10 Disadvantages of Using the Internet

We all cannot deny the fact how the internet changed everyone’s lives. The truth is, the internet has been a big contribution to everyone’s personal and business goals. However, just like anything in this world, as there are advantages, there are disadvantages as well. Here are the top 10 disadvantages of the internet.

(10) Extra Expense

Nothing is free. Even if you think it is. The expenses you pay for the internet include your electricity usage because of your gadgets or computer. You also need to include your internet usage fee every month. If you compute for that, how much do you spend in a year just for internet?

(9) Social Disconnect

You are unable to connect with others in the outside world. In short, you are isolated. Isolation is never good. You may not notice it but your love for the internet will cause you to lose friends slowly.

(8) Unhealthy

Your health is at jeopardy because of the internet. Gone are the days when the forms of entertainment used to be going outside the house and soaking up the sun. Your health will slowly recline and you will most likely gain weight as well.

(7) Theft of Personal Information

The internet is where you meet a lot of people for many purposes such as friendship or business. And because of these online transactions, you will need to provide your personal information. How sure are you that all the information you give away are not being used for their personal gains?

(6) Children are Exposed to Pornography and Violence

Pornography is bad at all levels. What makes this worse is that children have easy access to it. We need to take good care of the innocence of our children and the internet just impedes us from doing so.

(5) Spamming

Spamming can be very irritating. Just take a look at your email’s inbox right now. How many of those are emails you want and how many of those are unwanted spam? I bet there is more spam than personal emails!

(4) Cheating

Students use the internet to cheat on everything. For example, when they are required to do a school paper, they simply copy paste into a word document and print. When they have assessments at school, they use their mobile phones to access the internet and look for answers. The internet is one reason why students are lazy these days.

 Disadvantages of Internet

(3) Unreliable

Some people rely on the internet for many things. And you cannot avoid the times when the internet just slows down or completely stops. It could be in the middle of a conversation or a buffering movie – guess what, the internet does not care. It will have problems when it wants to.

(2) Addiction

Internet addiction is being addressed as a very serious issue. Everyone promises to stay on the internet for a minimum amount of time daily but end up losing sleep, unable to eat and doing things that are not productive at all. If this becomes worse, then it can obstruct a person from being able to do important tasks.

(1) Miscommunication

How many times have you had a conversation via the internet and ended up in an argument because of miscommunication. It is very easy to misinterpret something if it is discussed through a screen or through chatting only. Traditional one on one conversations are still the best.

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