Top 10 Best Internet April Fool’s Pranks

April Fool’s Day is a time for pranks and fun while enjoying the reactions our friends make while hearing news that in reality are impossible to happen. The internet was the ideal place to carry out these pranks because there are no facial expressions to give anything away. Also the web versions of these jokes are incredibly safe. Below is a list of the 10 best internet pranks that have been carried out by popular tech companies.

10. Samsung’s ‘Eco-tree’

This one appears on this list because it is remarkably clever and funny at the same time. Also, the whole prank consists of some writing and a picture of a tree. Zero dollars were spent in the making of this prank, making it possibly the lowest-budget prank ever.

9. Toshiba’s “Tube-Top’

Credit must be given to Toshiba for the creativity that is involved in this prank. Toshiba reported about releasing a laptop that can be used while in the water. Once again, the budget was quite small, with a laptop placed on top of a Floaty.

8. Bing Google

Okay we admit that Bing has not become popular enough to be used as a verb, but if you search for “google” in the Bing search engine, then the format of the page changes to that of Google, while the search engine would still be Bing.

7. YouTube is over

YouTube announced that website was actually a project to find out the best video ever made. The contest is over and after watching every one of the videos uploaded to the site, the results would be announced, in the year 2023. Google is the most generous when it comes to spending on pranks.

6. Twitter announces Twttr

Twitter announced on March 31, 2013 that the social network as we know it would now be available on a paid subscription of $5 per month. The free version would not allow vowels to be entered. This pranks is featured on this list because it is both believable and funny.

5. Google Nose

There is hardly any aspect of the internet, or even our daily lives, where Google is not involved. Reiterating its dominance, Google said it would release a service that would recognize different scents and give results on what the smell might be coming from.

4. Soundcloud debuts the Dropometer

There are dubstep origins to the term “drop” and Soundcloud took advantage of this.  The dropometer would point out on the graph exactly where the drops occur, while a song is playing.

3. College Humor is subscription-based

College Humor, which is a comedy website aimed at college audience, announced that you would only be able to read 4 articles and watch two videos for free. Different paid packages were also announced.

2. Google’s Treasure Maps

When it comes to the best and most worked on April Fool’s Pranks, there is simply no competition with Google. Treasure maps transforms modern maps into graphics that would have more to do with primitive times.

Google's treasure maps

1. Snail mail uploads at Imgur

This one tops the list because it would have made the most sense about 20 years ago. Back then, internet was so slow, you would have been better off just mailing off the bundle of pictures.

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