10 Fun things to do When there is no Internet

NETIZENS !! This one is for you. Internet is something that the world relies on for their survival. As of now there are 2,405,518,376 users in the world who use Internet for some purpose or the other. Ever imagined what would happen if we had no Google? Or how would we survive without keeping up to date with people on Facebook and Google+ ? What if there was no e-mail? Or no zapak for our hardcore gamers?  Well, I am pretty sure and we all would definitely agree that life would have been terrible without the existence of Internet. So, lets imagine a scenario where there is no internet! Horror, would be the apt description for a few, but a few are OK with it, because maybe they don’t use internet pretty much or maybe because they are adaptable in nature. But, we can never deny the various uses internet has in our lives. You need to book tickets to watch a movie, you want to go plan a trip, you wish to use Facebook, want to download music, videos, movies, etc, wish to shop for unlimited and every possible thing on earth, pay your bills of any sorts, anything you name Internet can let you do just anything you want to. Philosophies apart, here we are with Top 10 things you can do when there is no Internet access :

10. Play a Game

Frustrated with lack of Internet access? Go play a game! This is a great way to pass your time and while the connection is not back on you can enjoy the passage of time playing variety of games and involve yourself making some high scores and breaking few previous records too. Needless to mention, playing games might just not be the solution for the internet freaks out there but still this can be considered as an option while you do not have internet access.

9. Watch Movies

Another way to kill time or say do something while you are deprived from internet access is by watching movies. Watching movies is a great source of passing time and entertaining yourself which your favorite internet in not able to do at present. Watching movies might also remind you of your good times while you had internet access and used to watch movies online and even download your favorite movies, but while you don’t have it you will have to look out for pre-saved movies in you computers.

8. Do something productive

A few of us might get confused with what productive task I am talking about. This has different viewpoints. If you are a student, productive task might mean doing your homework, or some kind of pending work from school or maybe playing around pretending to be busy enough to forget the internet pain. If you are an employee, you might want to finish your office pending tasks while you do not have the internet to pass time. You might even like cleaning your house for an option.

7. Read a novel

Novel! A lot of us like reading novels. Why can’t it be a great thing to do while there is no Internet. This has a lot of benefits too. One, you get one step closer to finishing a novel you have always wanted to read. Then, you are having a good use of time and might just learn something new that you have not seen on the internet too and novels as we all know are good sources of inspiration at maximum times.

6. Listen to Music

This is a great thing to do as a substitute to no Internet Access. Few people find their life in Music, while few are not too interested in music. So, this point is for the music lovers. Go on to listening to some song you lately downloaded and enjoy it. Nice way to pass time and relax. Music is also said to be great way to release tension off your mind. People are often noticed getting lost in musics they prefer to listen to. For those who don’t like listening to music, well keep on reading you might find something of your interest.

5. Persue your hobby

Different people have different hobbies. Few like to read, study, few like cycling, playing games outdoors, listening to music, dancing, chatting, watching television, while few like to sleep! Doing what your hobbies are is a great way to pass time when you do not have your beloved internet around you.

4. Call a Friend

For those who like to chit chat in there spare time, THIS might just be the spare time you have always waited for. When away from the internet, you can call your favorite friend and simply blow your steam off by talking as much as you can and whatever you want to talk about. This has a BIG benefit that you stay social so here you are with yet another way to stay in touch with friends rather than from Facebook! This also keeps you up to date with what is happening around in the lives of people related to you.

3. Watch Television

Tele-lovers would love this point. This is another nice alternative to stay in touch with the world, or just pass your time without Internet. Go through different TV channels, see what is happening around the world on various news channels, watch a cartoon if you are a cartoon lover, see daily soaps if you like to, watch movies that are being broadcast, get updated to new upcoming technologies and updates around the world, see a new car in the market, television is truly a good source of entertainment and staying up to date with the world.

2. Cook something

Cooking lovers, this one is for you. If you are an internet user and don’t have access to it, go into your lovely kitchen, prepare a new dish, try out delicacies of life and enjoy a full stomach. For the non-cookers, you can actually try and learn cooking in your spare time and who knows you might emerge out to be a master chef some fine day.

1. Roam Around

Don’t have internet access? Don’t worry! Take out your bike or car or if you don’t have any then simply step out of your homes and Roam Around. Plan a trip, visit a new place, discover a new location you have never been to, shop around,  have fun, get new things for yourself and enjoy life. By doing this, you get aware about what is happening around your locality and what is new in the neighborhood. But, BEWARE not to sneak around everywhere and disturb people around you just because your internet is not working.

Guys if there is no internet access, there is no use to panic, just relax for a while. There are tons of things to be done besides using internet. What you do while you are not surfing around is entirely your preference. Do what you like to do and what keeps you happy.

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