10 Factors that help Website Dominate & Rank High in Google

A Website is built so as to attract high number of People which in turn helps the Website owner sell his Product or Promote his Brand and eventually helps make Money. Most of you guys would also be aware of the fact the One source is the leader is bringing in traffic to most of the Website’s in the World i.e Google (World’s most used Search Engine). Google is used by Billions of People daily and if you could dominate Google Search Engine ranking with your keywords that can bring in so much of Organic traffic that you won’t need Paid Advertising ever again. There are a lot of factors that eventually decide whether your Website deserves that Number 1 Spot in Google, and we would be discussing them here so that you get to know on What area’s the work is required and how you can overcome the problems.

1. Content is and Would Remain the King

Whatever some one tells you remember the One and Only thing that can help bring in Traffic to your Website is the Content. Google has it’s own heaps of metrics and factors to rank a particular Website (some know others still a mystery) but one thing that weights most is the Content. Remember to create Unique, Well Researched, Original, Full of Facts and Interesting Content. Such content would give your Website high significance in Google ranking and it would solve your lot of other factors below automatically. For Example whenever a well crafted content is written visitors automatically turn into a Loyal Readers, they end up sharing your content which in turn brings in High Traffic. Also at the end of the day your content should solve the Visitors purpose because Content only crafted to rank well in Search Engine’s and without much information would not interest a Visitor and you might end up loosing an important person.

2. Work on Website’s ON Page Optimization

Website On Page Optimization is another important step towards getting high ranking for Google Search. In Order for Google to understand with what keywords you need high ranking you must follow certain rules and make your Website Optimized according to the keywords you wish to rank well. On Page Optimization factors normally include Title, Meta Tags, Alt Tags, Heading Tags, etc.

3.  Build High Quality Permanent Backlinks

It is certainly a very important task if you want to Build high Authority of your Website so that it ranks well in Search Engines. Backlinks refers to other site’s that link to your Website or Content, it basically refers to Inbound Links in technical term. Backlinks rom High Quality Website’s to your Website tells Google of your Website’s Authority and Trust. Thus Google understands that your Website has some High Quality Service or Content and needs to be shown to more people. Backlinks can be built using various methods which includes Social Bookmarks, Contextual Backlinks through Articles, Web 2.0, Forum Profile Backlinks among others. But it’s best to get backlinks in natural ways because that would eventually be the easiest thing (Trust me building Backlinks is the most Difficult Task) and also if Google finds out that you are building backlinks automatedly you could face some serious Penalties. So remember if you want to build to build backlinks do that manually or let them come in Naturally.

4. Learn and Understand How SEO works

According to me every Website Owner must understand How SEO works, just the basics alone would work because the ultimate Goal of a Website is to Get traffic to sell the Product, Service or make the Cause or Brand Popular. You can obviously outsource the SEO work to an SEO specialist but in order to know if the Work they are doing is actually Good for you in Long Term you must understand the SEO intricacies. Example: SEO agencies helped a lot of Website’s rank high before Google’s Penguin and Panda updates by building spammy links and stuff but such websites are heavily Penalized by Google and they have lost most of their traffic. So only the Ethical Practices must be followed when playing with Google.

5. Old is Gold

You can’t do much about this particular point, but yes it still hold’s high value. Google gives more¬†weight age to a website that has been around for more time then a website that is relatively new. You can definitely buy an Old Domain but that would cost more and you wouldn’t be aware of the Domain’s Past. So the best option is to keep working up and as the Website’s gets older it would have more natural links and More Google Weightage.

6. Consistency

A point specially valid to Bloggers, a lot of bloggers tend to loose interest once they don’t see the results expected. The first few months are often the hardest, so remember that it may look tough and hard during the initial phase but you would soon catch up if you have Influence and Authority in your Content. So work for Quality and not the Quantity and be consistent, give particular number of hours daily and you would start seeing good returns very soon.

7. User Interface and Website Speed

Keep your Website’s user interface simple and speedy because Google has special love for Website’s that Load Quickly. Keep everything as clean as possible and make navigation easier so that your User can get what he is looking for easily. Note: Do not stuff your Website with Ad’s all over, it may seem an attractive option specially when it makes money to you but Google can penalize your site for that specially when Google has a lot of secret metrics to rank a website, and Visitors Bounce rate can definitely be one of them.

8. Keyword’s and It’s Density

While writing Content remember to keep your important keywords at appropriate places and use them decently (not a lot of times) so that Google understands that this is the word that you want to rank well for. Better your Keyword density better would be your ranking for that Particular Keyword in the “Big G”.

9. Use Social Media, Specially Google Plus

Social Media is not just for keeping updated of Your friends but Social Media can bring in some huge huge Traffic to your Website too. Mark Zuckerberg recently stated in an interview that Facebook gets close to a Billion Searches a day. So that alone states the power of Social Media, and you can use it to your strength. Try making content more and more shareable, so that you get decent traffic from sources out of Google. But also Focus on one area not much explored by your Competitors, getting more and more Plus 1’s from Googl. This definitely can add value to your Website and make your Website rank higher in future when some of the Google Metrics change.

10. Use Google Webmaster Tools and Remember to Submit a Sitemap

Google offer’s an informative tool to the Website Owners free of Cost Google Webmaster Tools. It is a handy tool since it lets you know your Website’s links, Search Queries, Plus 1’s, Impressions, Errors and other stuff. Also one important functionality of Google Webmaster Tools is it’s ability to accept Sitemap’s so every time you create content for your website Google would automatically know that and index your Content on the Search Engine.


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