Top 10 Ways to Save Money when you are Jobless

Unemployment is a tricky state and can last lengthy if not dealt properly. This state comes in everyone’s life so you need not to be depressed and fell ashamed of it. It’s important to put together the money left at right place when unemployed in order to not to go in debt completely. There are various method to make some money when jobless, though they do not make as much money as salary. Every penny counts when unemployed so saving money makes a lot of sense. As said that the “money saved is the money earned” and this is the right time to follow this proverb.

So here are the 10 best ways to conserve some money during the unemployed period:

10) Say bye to sky TV:



Make sure to cut the sky TV connection and replace it with free view TV as it saves around 55 dollar which is a big amount at that stage. Or even if you do not want to remove the connection you can ask the cable man to cut the sports channel as they can cost up to 15 dollars. The question arises to what to do in the spare time you are left with? The answer is to brush up your skills and knowledge and make yourself ready for next job.

9) Sell your car:

Cars cost a lot of money. Price of fuel is not the only factor that upsets your wallet. Wear and tear, road tax, insurance etc takes a lot of money. A small vehicle uses 30 dollar for petrol each month and 27 dollar per month for insurance. Including road tax and MoT it costs a total of around 720 dollar a year. Now just think how big is this amount when one is unemployed.

8) Buy second hand:

Buying second hand things when unemployed is the best way to hoard money in your bank. Buying things online also helps to add some money in your account as the charges on internet are comparatively less. Also, one advantage of buying old things from internet is that they give you a period of 45 days to check the item if any problem occurs.All things we buy get old sometime, so what’s the problem in using second hand items. This is not the right time to go egoistic by not buying old things.

7) Shop from supermarkets:


Stuffs used in daily life are much cheaper in supermarkets than open shops. Especially groceries save a lot of money when taken from these markets. Also prefer buying things from wholesale shops. For examples buying a potato from these markets cost 50 paisa less than outside shops. Saving 40-50 paisa per product is not at all a bad deal.

6) Cut back:

Try to use unnecessary things in small amount like using less deodorant, switch off TV or computers when not in use and going to bed little earlier can make a difference. These ideas may sound boring and monotonous but make yourself believe that they are just temporary and you will go through it. Replacing drinks such as squash, tea etc with water can also add some money in your pocket. Unplug the electronic gadgets when not in use. Even one can stop the alarm clock during daytime. The only gadget which needs to be ON during day and night is a fridge.


5) walk/cycle:

Saving money and getting fit together is not a bad combo at all. Petrol charges are touching the sky day by day. Cycling or walking can save 2rs per kilometre. Although it takes longer time but one can manage while unemployed.

4) Use vouchers/offers:


Keep your eyes and ears open for any special offer or vouchers. Reading magazines, newspapers or searching online can help in finding these. Also they are fast and easy to use. Vouchers have the choice to when and where to use. Offer on outfits are very frequent and they really helps in saving a lot of money just by little effort. Although time limit of the vouchers should be kept in mind because once expired they are of no use.

3) Use your library:

Use of local library for books, DVD’s, CD’s and even for newspapers is better instead of buying fresh. Books are free there for reading even you can rent them at cheap rates. Some of the libraries also provide with free internet access.

2) Find out if your previous employer needs you at all:

Even if you are fired it is possible that your previous job may need you on an occasion for consult. Keep a friendly attitude towards your ex-colleagues as they can help you directly finding the chance of consulting.

1)Search for a new job:

Apply for a new job as the above measures can save money but cannot make it. Apply for jobs on internet. There are hundreds of job related websites which can help you find the jobs you want. One can also start their own consultation business and use the expertise gained in so much time of work. Advertising your services on web can help you make a lot of money. Also sign up on quick answer websites. Sometimes these answers can give you a way for a job. Having your own business gives you an option that you can work full time or half time depending upon the circumstances, like you can do your business work with another half time job.



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