Top 10 Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding

With the average wedding costing in the region of £20,000, it is easy for spending to spiral out of control. However, searching out the best deals, calling in a favour or two and getting creative, can help you to have the day to remember without the hefty price-tag. Here are just ten ideas to get you thinking.

Top 10 Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding

1. Make your Own Invites

Whether you choose something traditional, colourful or contemporary, invitations can set the scene for the whole wedding. Making your own personalised invitations can be lots of fun. Not only is it an inexpensive way to get the word out, it is also a wonderful way to have cards which are completely unique to you.

2. Hitch a Lift

Hiring a chauffeur driven classic car for the big day may look good in the wedding photos, but asking a friend or family member to drive you would work just as well whilst saving you hundreds of pounds.

3.Take your Own Photos

Hiring a professional photographer is often seen as a must, but if you have a budding David Bailey in the family, getting them to take pictures can be just as good if not better. Try putting a disposable camera on each table, allowing guests to take candid shots of each other throughout the day.

4. Make your Own Table Decorations

It is easier then you think to make decorations for each table. Look online for guides on how to make simple arrangements. Then purchase flowers in bulk from specialist markets which are available in most cities.

5. Have your Wedding on a Thursday

Selecting a less popular day of the week can cut your venue bill by up to half. Weekend events do make it easier for guests to attend, but a weekday wedding can see savings on almost everything from flowers to live music.

6. Have a Picnic

One of the largest costs for any wedding is the food bill. Providing everyone with a three-course meal and wine can run into thousands and thousands of pounds. Laying on a picnic can be a fabulously relaxed way to get around this, especially if you know someone with a large garden on which to lay the picnic blankets.

7. Find a Deal on the Whole Event

The Internet is your friend when searching for great deals and money off. Take a look at the daily deals available from sites like Groupon or Deal Zippy to save up to 70 per cent on a wedding package including everything you need for your day, in your local area.

8. Chose a Second-hand Dress

Some charity shops specialise in wedding dresses and many offer gowns at a fraction of the regular retail price. Glorious dresses which have been worn once before will look just as beautiful as ones which are brand new.

9. Get a Friend to Do your Make-up

Have a few practice runs, then on your special day a friend can apply your make-up just as well as a professional. Alternatively, do your own, as no one knows how you like your make-up better than you do.

10. Sack the DJ

Plug your iPod into the speakers of your venue and be your own DJ. Simply load up your play-list and dance the night away to your favourite songs.

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