Top 10 ways to Make Money Online without Investment (Updated) 2012

Are you checking out the online money making options this summer? then this is a perfect list for you. We have described here Top 10 ways how you can make the Money online and importantly the ways described in this list can help you make money online without any investment. So you just follow and make money instantly. Also it is no longer advisable to join a IT Company in India because of these reasons.

10. Multi Level Marketing

Ok, i have to say that this is the worst way of making money and do it at your own risk. Multi Level Marketing have often turned out to be scams essentially because the MLM companies are unable to survive for long term since they don’t  have any authentic business models. Also this is the only method from our list where you may just need to invest some money before you can invite other people to join you. Multi Level Marketing (MLM) helps you make money whenever you get a new person to join you. Some of the current high Profile MLM companies are Amway, Nu Skin, Xango, etc.

P.S: MLM’s may just hamper your reputation if they close down any time after you have persuaded your friends or relatives to join.

9. Web Hosting Affiliates

Web Hosting Affiliate is one of the easiest way to make money online, You can simply sign up with a web hosting company and tell others who are looking for web hosting to buy a package from space by giving them the link that you received after joining a particular web hosting company. Web Hosting companies gives great incentives which range from $5-$125 per customer sign up so even if you could get few sign ups every month that should get you a good income and make a good alternative revenue stream.

You can sign up with a lot of high paying companies like HostGator, JustHost.

8. Affiliate Marketing

Does selling Web Hosting looks difficult to you? Never Mind, there are hundreds of other things that you can actually sell any other Digital Product online and can earn upto astonishing 75% commission on every sale you made. The products can range from any small ebook to a full fledged software. There are tens of thousands of products for you to choose from so you can select one that gives you maximum money or the one that you feel you can easily sell.

You can simply sign up for ClickBank Affiliate and then promote the products you wish to sell.

7. Teach some one a language you know

This is the one field that has least competition, you can simply teach a language you know to some one who’s willing to learn and trust me there are hundreds of people who would be willing to learn your language online. It also lets you make a lot of new connections and thus a great way to make some alternative money.

You can simply sign up for LiveMocha by clicking here.

6. Paid Reviews

Paid reviews is one great and simplest way to make money online. You would need to write down a great review about a product or a service and once your review is approved you would be paid for it moreover you can also use that service or a product  free of cost. Paid reviews are mostly selected if you write a positive review about the product.

There are a lot of services that lets you write down Paid reviews like ReviewMe, SponsoredPosts.

5. Development / Freelancing

Ok, so if you can code or develop applications or something than there is no work like this. You can look out for opportunities and tasks on different sites where people are looking out to hire website developers, designers, coders, app developers and a lot of other technical stuff. Thus there is no dearth of money if you can code online.

You can check out a lot of sites where you can view the projects like Freelancer, Elance.
4. Google Adsense

Google Adsense is the most stable program to make money, and also definitely the best long term program. If you are having a website thats gets traffic then this is definitely the best thing to consider. Whenever some one would click on the ads over your website you would be able to make money. Although it’s a bit difficult to be approved as a Google Adsense Member but if you can consistently write quality content then you shouldn’t have any issue.

You can sign up for Google Adsense by clicking here.

3. Sell on Ebay/Amazon

So if you have an interest in trading then this is the e-business for you, you can sell the items on Ebay and Amazon without even stocking the items and still make a good profit. You can contact a supplier and then sell the product on these E-Commerce stores at a premium enough to get you good profit and just enough to keep you lower than the market rate.

You can view Ebay and Amazon.

2. Sell Service on Fiverr

Fiverr is one of it’s kind community, a community where some one can do your task for just $5. So if you have a unique art or ability that you feel that can have a high demand than you can simply list it on fiverr and be prepared to get some high results. Although we understand that $5 is a small amount but the volume is so high that you can get huge number of orders enough to make this as a great alternative source of revenue.

You can sign up for Fiverr by clicking here.

1. Blogging

Blogging tops our top 10 list, this is one work that can make you tons of money but requires high Persistance, Skills and Hard Work. You can simply blog about any particular topic and build an authority over it. Then there are endless ways to make money from it, the primary ones being Ads, Affiliate or you can simply post about some one/product (Sponsored Posts). Bloggers strive towards building a large community of readers so that their articles can be read by maximum number of people. Also starting up with blogging is pretty simple work you can simply sign up for WordPress and start by using a self hosted blog.

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