Top 10 Ways to Keep Yourself From Bursting of Anger

Have you ever felt like exploding? Have you been in a situation where you can’t seem to control yourself and it feels like a vein in your head is going to burst or your eye popping out? If so, then maybe you need to control your anger. Sometimes, learning how to control your anger is good for it helps resolve any conflicts. So if you’re having difficulty controlling your anger, here are the top 10 ways to control it.

Top 10 Ways to Keep Yourself From Bursting of Anger

1.       Pause and Have a Break

If you feel that you are angry or is about to get angry, make sure to pause for a minute and try as much as you can to take a break and go away from your source of anger. It helps you lessen your anger before it even explodes. According to research, our brain is in a way program to feel anger and lasts for about 2 seconds. So if you are about to explode, pause and have a break before you could even erupt and lose your senses.

2.       Do Breathing Exercise

As most of us know, breathing exercise is a good way to relieve stress and tension. When you are about to get angry or is currently angry, you need to lose all that tension you feel that makes you more stressed out. Therefore, doing breathing exercise will certainly help you relieve all the tension and anger. It relaxes your senses and shifts your focus.

3.       Try to Calm Yourself

Calming yourself is one of the most needed things to do when you’re in a stressful situation. You can simply shift your focus and think of something else. By doing so, your mind is not just about anger. So make sure to pat yourself at the back and stay as calm as possible.

4.       Own your Emotions

When you are about to explode, your emotions control you rather than you controlling it. So if you are about to get erupt make sure to own your emotions. Never allow it to control you and turn you into something you might regret once you’re calm. Owning your emotions mean that you must control whatever feelings you have. If you feel like crying, then don’t! Learn how to control everything that’s going on within you.

5.       Think of Happy Thoughts

This is one of the oldest tricks when one is angry. You must think of happy thoughts to avoid bursting out. If someone or something makes you angry, try to think of the things that makes you feel good and happy. By doing so, your mood is shifted and your focus is not just about the negative things.

6.       Try to Speak in a Low Tone

Speaking in a low tone makes things more relax. Have you ever noticed that when you kept on shouting because of anger your emotions becomes too heightened? Yes, speaking does matter and in cases of anger, make sure to practice speaking slowly.

7.       Express yourself Calmly

Once you feel that your anger has subsided, try to express yourself calmly. You don’t have to shout again and again when expressing as it might turn things into worst. So express appropriately to avoid another stressful drama.

8.       Choose your Words Wisely

When you were angered by someone, your tendency is to speak foul words and hurtful words to someone. If you want to control your anger, try to choose your words wisely. Words can make a whole lot of difference in a stressful scenario.

9.       Think before you Speak Any Words

Think before you speak is another golden rule if you want to control your anger. When choosing your words, you use your mind to think if such words are appropriate or not. A simple sorry word could make a big difference. So use your mind to help resolve things out and control your anger.

10.   Learn How to Listen

Listening is one of the best things to do when you are hot like an erupting Volcano. When you listen, everything becomes clear. Don’t be like other people who tend to cover their ears when mad or angry. Some would even talk and talk and doesn’t listen to the other person which doesn’t do any good at all.


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