Top 10 Ways to Check before Making Promises

They say a promise is made to be broken but is this saying applies to you? Maybe for some, promises can be hard to keep but if you are someone who gives value to your words then promises are something that must not be broken. So how can you exactly avoid breaking promises? Let’s check the top 10 ways to ponder first before committing yourself to a promise that you may or may not be able to keep.

Top 10 Ways to Check before Making Promises

1.       Assess the Situation or the Person

Just like in any situation, assessment is required before doing anything. Therefore, before committing to a promise make sure you have assessed the situation accordingly. You need to think of a lot of factors and not just say yes without even assessing if the said promise is something that is possible on your end.

2.       Think First Before Uttering a Word

One good practice to keep promises most of the time is to use your brain and think first before saying a word to someone. A promise is something that should be valued and taken seriously. For some, they consider a promise as a way of assurance. So make sure to think hard before accepting or committing to anything.

3.       How Big is the Promise

When you are being asked to do a promise, you need to check on how big or small the promise you’re about to make. Small promises are easy to keep yet big ones are truly hard to keep. So check whether it is big or small before saying yes to someone. Big promises could be something important and missing it could cause big problems too.

4.       Check the Possibilities

Once a situation is presented and someone has asked you to pinkie swear, check the possibilities that surround the promise. Is there any positive and negative possibility that is likely to occur once you commit? Make sure that whatever it is, it is something that will not cause you any harm or else such promise could certainly be hard to keep which could lead to disappointment.

5.       Write it in order Not to Forget

Saying yes to something that you’ll do for someone is a responsibility so make sure that you write down the promise you make. This is for the main purpose of not forgetting it. Sometimes, people don’t take promises seriously and end up forgetting it. If you want to keep your word and make someone happy, then make sure to write it down somewhere in order not to forget your promise.

6.       Is it Something you Can Do?

Ask yourself, will you be able to do a certain promise or not? Don’t say yes when the truth is you can’t. Some people consider promises as assurance therefore they tend to rely on the person who made the promise. So always ask yourself if you are capable of doing it or not.

7.       Be Serious

The reason why some promises are broken it’s because they are not taken whole heartedly. Some considers them as joke or as a way out of certain situations and tend to forget it as soon as they turn their back on the person they made their promise to. Sad, but this is true.

8.       Be Honest

Be honest not just to the person right in front of you but also to yourself. Make sure that you are honest enough to admit you can or can’t do it. Honesty in cases like this is quite important.

9.       Set Expectations

Before accepting any promises, make sure to set expectations. It’s like negotiating something, lay down all the cards and tell a person what you think must happen if ever you commit to a promise. This is way safer than not setting any expectations at all. In this way, the person asking for your promise knows what to expect and above all, relationships are saved and no blaming is set to happen.

10.   Do it!

If you have assessed everything and you think you are capable of doing such commitment then do it! After all, a promise is a promise therefore try to exert all effort once you have given your word for unkept promises reflect to your personality too.


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