Top 10 Ways & Tips to Attract a Guy you Like

Are you finding it hard to get your guy understood that you like him??? Here we have ten most basic and important thing that will make you date your dream guy!!

10) Be Jolly and Playful

Guys are more into girls that are not very serious. They like more jolly girls around whom they can act foolish and funny. Being around a girl who is too serious about everything makes him very uncomfortable. They like to be poked in the waist; they would love if you will play with their hair. Flirting with him and using a sarcastic tone in a good humor will actually make him want you more and more. To magnetize him joke a little bit around him. Make him feel he can be himself when he is with you and do not have to act like the serious type.

9) Smell of A Women

The most important thing that makes a guy come towards you is your beautiful perfume. Your breath and your scent are the two most important things a guy will first notice in you. No one will get attracted to a girl who smells like a crap. Your bad breath is the main thing that will force a guy to maintain distance from you. Body odor is another major thing if you want to shoo a guy away from you. Wear a good perfume on your wrist and dazzle a little bit on your neck and you will see him falling for you.

8) Be Feisty

Be ambitious and go-getting, that is what a guy wants in a girl. If you will let him take control of you totally he will soon get bored from you and will leave you. Guys aspire for something they cannot get easily, so be the one who he can’t get easily. There are obviously some guys who don’t fit in this category, they don’t like to chase girls so if your love falls in this category drop the idea of being feisty. They are more in love with their self-ego and attitude so these type of guys are not worth you, show your guy you are going to make some of  the choices and he is not the one in charge. Just remember you are not trying to overdo it, being bossy all the time will not take you close to him.

7) Look Good

Take self importance in the way you look. Guys are not like girls, they are more into the girls who are good looking and dress beautifully. Look stunning and gorgeous and he is all yours girl!! If you think you are not beautiful there is nothing to be worried about. Make-up and a good dressing style can do wonders. It can totally modify a person’s looks and appearance. Spend some money in the parlors and do a little bit of good shopping and make him feel like he is standing in front of the most beautiful girl on this earth. It is not necessary to dress up in something inappropriate just wear something pretty when going out with him.

6) Express Common Interests

If you people share any kind of common interest make your guy know this. Things that you share common between you both will make a stronger bond between you. If you love music and he is into playing some instrument let him know. Take out time to spend time together working on your common interest. Teach him something you know and try to learn new things that he loves to do. This will help you two bring closer to each other. You do not have to change completely for any one, but keep open thought about it.

5) Physical Contact

No one is asking you to take off your clothes and get over the board. But a gentle touch on his hand or on his arm while he has made a joke or while he is having a conversation with you will make the guy know that you show interest in him and that you you like to have conversation with him. Just don’t get too touchy in your first meet. Guys do not like to make such girls their girlfriends.

4) Make him jealous

We have already mentioned in one of the previous topics that man crave for the things they cannot easily get. So make it clear to him that it is not only him he can get in his life but she has many more choices he will want you to be his. Doing this don’t forget to show interest in the guy you really want otherwise if he finds you not interested in him he will move on in his life. This just simply mean carry on with the flirting business but let him also know the choices you have and if he is not interested in you, you can move on to the other choices.

3) Be Comfortable about yourself


Who is not attracted to people who have confidence? And yes men are no different, they like women who are confident. If you believe in yourself, can carry on with an enjoyable and logical conversation you are the perfect girl a guy desires for himself. If you want to get your guy than just try to mix with people, don’t get conscious while talking to people and he will all be yours!!!

2) Initiate

If your guy is the shy kind of and is not easily getting that you like him there is no problem in making a move first. If you want him to understand that you like him just go and ask him out for dinner or something else. This could be a really big sign for him to know that you are into him. Don’t make it a fuss it should not necessarily be a date, just coffee and lunch it can be. Men find it good when they are asked out by a girl. However, in case you are shy and cant initiate the move at least show him that if he makes a move you won’t decline it. Tell him indirectly that you want to watch movie or you are getting bored. Guys are smart and they will understand what you actually want him to do.

1) Be Interesting

Men are not the ones who can initiate a topic for conversation or make it going. You should always have something interesting you can talk about with the person you like. If you have something interesting with you men can naturally start liking you, your looks won’t even matter to him if he finds you interesting. Just interesting talks is not enough to make him fall for you, do something fun in your life. Being an all rounder and a person with many interest will get you your guy.


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