Top 10 ways to shop at US Online Stores from outside USA

There are lot of things including Electronics, Clothes, Games, Music, Personal and Health Care, etc that remain exclusive to US and Canada and we being outside USA are not able to get the stuff since it never gets launched where we live. Although actually i have no idea that why a company considers keeping their product exclusive to a particular country when other countries could have even bigger market for that particular product. We here tell you the ways how you can get a particular product to your country, although you would need to pay a premium for that particular product since you would get charged for International Shipping, and may get charged for Custom Duties and other currency conversion charges.  Anyways there are lot of ways that can help u get a particular product from US irrespective of your country and we would discuss the ways here.

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BTW I am writing down this article because i was looking for ways to get a super cool about to be launched Android tablet Google Nexus 7 in India which wouldn’t come here in India so did the research.

1. Open and Select Worldwide Shipping

This is probably the best way to buy stuff from US, simply open and then enter the stuff you need and you would find tons of sellers selling the stuff. All you need to do is select Worldwide Shipping from left bar and you would only see those sellers who can ship the product Worldwide. The sellers would charge additional money for shipping which can range from $10 – $100 depending upon the product you wish to import to your country.

2. Take help of your Relative in US

There could be chances that the product you are looking for is not actually available in Ebay, and there’s some other site like CompUSA or Amazon that’s selling that product. In those cases the best way to get the product is through a relative in US. Figure out if you have a relative that can help you and ask his/her address and buy the product from respective website and give the US address of your relative. Once your relative receives the product they can simply ship it to your address. Again you would need to incur extra cost of International Shipping and may end up paying Custom Duties.

3. Get a Virtual US address and Rent a MailBox

This is another way that help you get a product that is not available in your country. This is probably one of the costliest ways too since you would need to get a virtual US address and then rent a mailbox. Once the product is received at your new Virtual US address the company from which u have taken virtual address would automatically ship it to your address. There are a lot of companies providing such services like Shipitto, etc and the prices range from $0 to $100 per month.

4. Buy from

Thankfully there are some US shopping stores that ships the Products worldwide, just Google the product you are looking to buy and hopefully you would find a store that can ship the product internationally. Also if the store doesn’t ships internationally you can personally check up with the store once since they can do that on request.

5. Use sites like 20North and ShopyourWorld-Limited only for Indian markets.

I am sorry but this point is only limited for Indian markets. There have been some recent startups that provides the ability for Indian consumers to shop anything from US and it would be the company’s work to get the product to your address. These companies charge you in INR but they do take a premium over every product.

We could just figure out 5 ways as of now but we would keep updating the list as soon as we find out another way.

Also if you know of any other way please don’t forget to let us know below in comments.

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