Top 10 Ways to Protect Yourself in Crowd

Crowds can be very dangerous because of their unpredictable nature. It should always be remembered that any crowd is a very dynamic entity and can get violent at any moment. If it does, the whole scenario can get bloody. There are numerous instances where young people have lost their lives during football matches and rock concerts because of stampedes of unruly crowds. So, if you ever happen to be caught up in a crowd, you need to exercise caution so that you can be safe.  Here are ten ways by which you can protect yourself in crowds.

10. Identify some safe places and exit points


When you enter a crowded place, always know where the exit points are located. There can be nothing worse than not knowing how to escape in case you need to escape in earnest. Also, as soon as you enter the crowded venue, look out for some safe niches where you can lodge yourself until the turmoil subsides. This is one of the most important laws of protecting yourself from crowds.

 9. Inform your family or friends if you are caught up in crowds


Your family or friends should be always aware of your presence in a crowd. So, in case there is a problem, you can contact them and they can be ready to come to your rescue. Before arriving at a crowded place, inform the acquaintance who stays nearest to the spot.

 8. Stay on the edge


Avoid moving into the center of the crowd. Although it might not be possible for you to station yourself outside the crowd, make sure that you are very close to the edge. It is the people in the middle who are exposed to danger because they cannot escape early. They end up bearing the brunt of crowd pressure from all directions. They are also the last ones to get out of the venue. Staying on the edge of the crowd is therefore very important.

 7. Do not display your expensive belongings


Do not expose yourself to unnecessary dangers by showing off your expensive belongings. If you have a luxury watch, diamond earrings or any other kind of jewelry, stow them into your bag or better still, leave them at home. Also, never dress provocatively when you are in a crowd, for obvious reasons. Maintain a low profile and do not behave annoyingly so that you do not become the cause of commotion in the crowd.


6. Stay calm if trouble breaks out


Your temperament in times of stress can be your biggest shield. If trouble breaks out, stay calm so that you have a clear head to think about exit solutions. Panic can make the situation worse. Furthermore, panic is a very contagious emotion. If you start panicking, it is very likely that the people around you get more panicked than they actually are. It might lead to mass agitation. By being sane and grounded, you help your fellow persons stay calm as well.


5. Always be observant


Observation is your strength when you are in a crowd. Look out for any signs of trouble. If there is any inkling of turmoil, you will be able to plan an exit at the earliest. Once the crowds get into motion and everybody begins to move at once, escape becomes tough. So, keep observing your surroundings all the time.

 4. Be alert


Never begin to daydream when you are in a crowd. Always be alert so that you are aware of disturbances. Usually, when people attend rock concerts or sports matches, they tend to get so involved in the show that they do not pay attention to what is happening in the crowd. Such negligence can be fatal. While you should enjoy your time, you should also be alert enough for your own good.

 3. If you have dropped something, let it go


As said before, a crowd is a very dynamic entity.  Pushing and pulling is always a part of crowd. So, if you drop something by mistake, do not bend down to pick it up. If the person standing behind you or beside you is pushed at that very instant, he or she ends up on top of you and the both of you could be injured seriously. Moreover, in the process of searching for your object, you might end up knocking someone down. So, be careful about your things and if you drop them, just let them be. You can pick them up later, when the crowd begins to thin.

 2. Understand the character of the crowd


Every crowd has a character and it depends on the occasion of gathering. For example, a crowd gathered to listen to a religious sermon has a very different character when compared to a crowd for rock concerts. The most dangerous crowds are political gatherings and sports matches because there are higher chances of violence in such crowds. Understanding the character of the crowd will help you be alert and guarded.

 1. Learn crowd survival tactics


The most important way of protecting yourself in a crowd is by learning tactics which can help you survive in a crowd. Despite all your precautions, you might end up stumbling over or sustaining injuries due to the unruly mob. In such instances, you should know how to protect yourself. The best defense, if you fall, is to cover your head. Carry a bag with you because it really helps in such instances. Curl up your body and turn to your side so that your vital organs are protected. There are several such methods which you should be aware of.  You awareness is your protection.

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