Top 10 Tips on How to Pack Like a Jet-setter

How to Pack Like a Jet-setterSo you’ve booked your holiday and you are all ready to go, apart from the packing. If packing for your trip is your idea of hell, take note of some of our handy tips and tricks to make sure you look like a million dollars at every stage of your dream vacation.

1. Don’t Take Everything you Own

The most elementary mistake is taking way too much on holiday with you. Plan your trip and make sure that you have just one outfit for a special occasion. You also don’t need to take emergency clothes for freak weather conditions. If you are going to get flights to Nice, you’ll need something for the rain, and something for the sunshine. No huge sweaters, it won’t be that cold.

2. Choose the Right Shoes

Ballet flats are a lifesaver on long flight and walks around the town – while still looking chic and stylish! Make sure to bag shoes that can be worn with multiple outfits (black and brown are a fool proof choices).

3. Choose the Right Accessories

Statement accessories like bold and big necklaces or scarves can update your look in no time without taking too much space in you suitcase.

4. Choose the Right Bag

Make sure that your bag is up to standard, with zippers that close and no broken wheels or handles.

5. Make a List

Before you go, figure out your itinerary and pack accordingly. If you are going for three nights, you only need three pairs of socks, with maybe one emergency pair. If you are going walking, take comfortable shoes, and if you are going out for dinner, pack some appropriate footwear.

6. Pack Smart

When you pack, treat your stuff like you would a bag of groceries. Heavy things such as shoes go on the bottom, whereas delicate things and items that will get rumpled easily go on the top. Don’t iron your clothes and put them straight in the bag as this can make the creases even worse.

7. Take Sunscreen

If you are going somewhere sunny, pack sunscreen. It’s easy and a bad case of sunburn can ruin your holiday if you are not careful.

8. Bring Interchangeable Outfits

If you have a set of nice tops, skirts and jeans that all go together, take them! It’s great to mix up an outfit so that you can wear something different every day you are away.

9. Travel Sized

Travel size packs of your favorite products mean that you don’t have to forgot your beauty regime just because you are abroad.

10. Entertainment

An iPod, iPad or Kindle can really save you on boring journeys or if you just want to relax in your hotel room for a while. Travel Scrabble is great too if you are with friends.

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