Top 10 Tips on How to Comfortably Camp While Pregnant

Most women think that once they are pregnant they just can’t participate in outdoor activities. However, camping is one of those outdoor activities that will give you the much needed exercises and nourishing relaxation. Here are top ten tips on how you can enjoy yourself camping out in the wild while you are pregnant.

10. Pay your doctor a visit first:

Before you visit your doctor you should make a list of some of the activities that you are likely to do while out there camping. The doctor will go through the list and get you a physical that shows your health status and some of the activities that are safe for you and the baby. Ask the doctor to recommend any other safety tips.

9. Identify any medical facility that is nearest to the camping site:

You ought to know that anything can happen and you might need a medical facility in case of an emergency. Ensure that you have a plan for such situations. You should visit the medical facility to make inquiries and know whether it’ll come in handy in case of an emergency.

8. Closer to Restrooms:

It’s advisable that you look for a place that is very close to the restrooms. As a matter of fact, you must have noticed that you are bound to make several trips to the restrooms to empty your bladder in the first weeks of your pregnancy. Urinary frequency is usually caused by the pressure from the growing fetus and the processing of fluids through the kidney. You’ll also visit the restrooms regularly due to the morning sickness. Make certain that you pack some slippers for nighttime use to the restrooms.

7. Air mattresses and pillows:

Buy a nice air mattress because sleeping can be quite difficult while you are pregnant. You should make sure that you bring on some comforts, mattresses and pillows for more comfort while out there in the camp site. You can keep your normal sleeping schedule as well if possible.

6. Stay cool:

Overheating is one of the reasons why it’s not advisable for pregnant women to go out camping because it can be extremely dangerous to both the mother and the baby. Therefore, you ought to prepare yourself adequately on how to keep yourself cool at all times. You can put some ice in your water, eat it or just put it on your body so as to cool yourself. Most people use the ice to make ice bags by using cotton. You can also put water in a spray bottle to cool yourself whenever necessary. You should also remember to bring a battery hand-held fan.

5. Take it easy:

Since you are likely to get tired easily, you ought to make sure that you take lots of breaks to avoid exhausting yourself. For instance, it’s not safe to hike more than a mile away from your car or camp site. Take frequents naps, rests relax and unwind. You can keep yourself busy with activities such as reading, drawing and knitting.

4. Avoid carrying heavy loads:

It’s not advisable for you to go out there straining when you can let someone do it for you. Don’t lift heavy weights during you pregnancy because it’s unhealthy. Your joints are a bit unstable and your ligaments loose for carrying those heavy

3. Bring supportive shoes:

You should buy comfortable shoes you’ll be using while out there camping. You will need to be on your feet at times.

Tips on How to Comfortably Camp While Pregnant

2. Stay hydrated at all times:

Make certain that you bring along bottled water for use during the hot days and drinking when engaging in those outdoor activities.

1. Have fun:

When you are enjoying and having fun out there, the baby is also enjoying! Go sightseeing and ensure that you write a scrapbook about your trip as well.


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