Top 10 things to keep in Mind while asking a Girl Out

This are can be very useful for the people who plan to ask a girl out but are very confused for the things they need to take into consideration. It becomes perplexed situation for people when they do not succeed. These few point may not just help guys in asking the girl out but will also provide them with tips they need to follow. So here we have top 10 things to be kept in mind while asking a girl out.

10 . Be Realistic.

In this scenarios there are some standard for your performance. Every other person wants to judge the other in order to check the compatibility between them. Girls also have many specifications for the guy they choose to go out or something. The judgment differs from looks to chemistry and also to the nature of the guy. Other issues like religion or family background also tends to matter sometime. Girls consider your character while taking your request into account. So while approaching any girl you like is be real. Reality sucks but being real totally rocks. So try not to pretend when you ask her out.

9. Compatibility   


The thing which matters the next is your way of working with each other. This is just a compatibility check scenario which helps in knowing whether the couple is compatible or not.  One must be calculative and should consider all the consequences before getting to any point. Make sure that you proceed in a systematic way.

8. Use the Phone Dummy

Here we are taking about the method of approaching a girl. Don’t just be in a hurry to ask her out. If possible firstly arrange her number. It is considered to be more appropriate to get the number by the girl itself rather than arranging it by other sources as it doesn’t gives a good impact when you tend to text or message her by arranging her number from a random source. Try to have a amiable talk with her on messages and then wait for an appropriate time to ask her out.

7. Escape out From Embarrassment

Don’t just start interacting in a front of the crowd around her. If she is occupied with many people then just take her to a place where she is not occupied by other s and then start off with your conversation. This is so because it happens many times that girls feel embarrass in this situation if they are occupied and in order to overcome the embarrassment they usually don’t respond properly, even if they want to. This would make the conversation easier you as well as her.

6. Be Specific.

You should make a proper strategy to ask a girl out a specific blueprint of the conversation should be kept in your mind. You should be specific about the place where you are taking her. It can be anything not specifically a movie or a dinner.  Talk to her in a proper and straight manner doesn’t just confuse her. You should be clear in two things – asking her out for dinner, lunch or movie  along with your friend is not considered as a date so ask her accordingly and another is that you should be clear about where you are Taking her and also what will be the  benefits of this meeting. Make her clear about all the things so that she can prepare her accordingly with her dressing and all stuff.

5 .Keep your Proposals in Logical and Brave Manner

Do not just panic while you ask a girl out. You should practice the stuff before facing her actually. From this you can take the help of the mirror so as to make you practice easier. Girls like the bravo quality in guys so be confident and also brave when you face the girl. You should be sure that the things you are going to speak make sense and so are pretty relevant. Don’t just go into too much of cheesy dialogues, be simple and honest.

4 .Shape your Proposal Accordingly

In case if you are shy and so you are unable to approach the girl you like then you can make use of sidewalk. This method can also be used if the girl is surrounded by a couple of people during a seminar or a business meeting. Because at such places you cannot just go straight and ask the girl as it sounds creepy. But this method can make up. This can also be counted as one among the romantic methods. In such situations what you can do is that you can just write a short note which has a word or so, example if you want to ask her for dinner than you can just write “Dinner??”. And just pass her by any source like with any waiter.

3 .Get to know her a little first

Don’t just ask a girl out at first meeting itself because many of the girls are not really interested in these kind of first sight proposals as they get to know that you are not interested in them rather you are interested in their look and so they hardly access these kind of proposals.  In order to avoid this you need to know some qualities of the girl so that you can make her believe that its not just about her looks but also about her qualities for which you like them. Try not to sound desperate in front of them

2 .Manage your Approach

You need to be very calculative when you’re planning to approach a girl. All the details should be clear enough so as to do the best out.  Try to manage for the situation which is best suited for you to ask her and for this you should take in consideration that she is your known or not. If she knows you then arrange for something best when she cannot say no to you, it is quite simple. Problem knocks in when she doesn’t know you and in this case you cannot just walk to up to her. In this case you need to do something through which she can get know about you.

1. Be Spontaneous

In every situation whether she knows you or not, you are completely unaware of the fact that what she will say when you get down to her. A girl can say anything or she may ask you something and if at that particular time you went mute, unable to answer her question will not last a positive impact and also will reduce your chance to go out with the girl so try to be spontaneous rather than thinking at the specific time.


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