Top 10 Do’s & Dont’s During an Interview

The most crucial part in ones life is the job interview  Once in the office appointed for a post sooner or latter you learn to do the job in an appreciable manner. What is difficult is to know how to crack an interview. With so many job seekers out there the employers have ample number of choices in front of them. Due to this a candidate can face rejection on a tiny matter. People say giving interview is a skill. If you going for your first interview then the pressure and anxiety is enough to break down sweat. Although what and how you speak is upto you there a few things that you should take care of while giving your interview. The following are the top 10 do’s and dont’s during a job interview.

10. Do not curse your past employers.

do not

It is very important to remember that every word you speak in the interview room matters. Most of us change companies over a period of time for better opportunity or to get rid of the previous employer. It might happen that your previous experience with the company was not good but that does not mean you can start bad mouthing them in there. Most of the candidates make this common mistake. It is very important to never utter a word of contempt regarding your previous employer . Even if you had a problem keep it up to you. You might never know the your interviewer holds some kind of connection with them. And it also shows that you not loyal to your employers.

9. Do sound energetic.


When in for the interview forget all the anxiety because it will not get you anywhere. In front of the interviewer you have to look interesting and interested. Do not look dull and nervous. Do not start sweating out of anxiety. When he asks for your introduction sound energetic and excited. The interviewer should feel that you are happy and pleased to be there. Listen to him with eagerness. Answer his questions in a well audible tone this shows your confidence. But remember not to be over loud. Keep a pleasant look on your face and a charm in your voice.

8. Do not use Slangs.


It is the era of SMS. We the electronic generation use instant messages to communicate. So used to it we are that it has corresponded in our daily language. We are using various slangs in our language. Slangs like “gonna ” “wanna” are a part of our lives now. But it should be kept in our mind that this is not appreciated in interviews. Never ever use the sms language with your interviewer. Do not try to sound cool. It is must to have a correct language. This exhibits your maturity and sincerity.

7. Do be prepared.

It is almost next to impossible to know beforehand what kind of questions will you be confronting. It is not possible to be ready with the answers. But it is advisable to be prepared. Whenever you go for an interview get some information about the company you are going to. Visit the companies websites read about them. Check for the latest happenings. The latest products and competitors. Be ready with all this. Use this information from time to time wherever relevant during your interview. This shows that you are a professional and know to plan things out. It sets a good impression.

6. Do not sound desperate.


I know it is very important to bag a job. We go for an interview under different circumstances. Be it the family needs or previous employer’s problem. We have our own reasons to try to get a job. When this is the fact it is also important to keep your standard in front of the interviewer. You should be a good fish for him not some easy target. Sound interested but don’t sound desperate for the job. Keep your conditions and demands in a humble way don’t go on blindly accepting whatever he is offering. This shows that you have your own individuality and you work on your own terms.

5. Do stay to the point.


You have to keep in mind that you are not the only one who is aspiring to be there. The interviewer has questioned candidates before you and may be after you as well. So you can spare the man the trouble of your long tales. Keep yourself to the point. Answer what is asked with relevant information and example. Do not go round and round. Also do not just give blunt yes and no. Stay to the point and go with the flow of the interview.

4. Do not look restless.


As it is said your body language is also a way to communicate. Your postures say a lot about you. When you enter the room see that you have a normal paced walk. Do not rush. Be composed. Ask before sitting. When on the chair do not be fidgity. Do not shake your leg which people do out of nervousness. Do not look at your watch. There is nothing more important than the job. Sit straight do not look loose and lethargic. Keep your hands on the chair arms or simply rest them on the table. Your body language is very important to crack any deal. It should project confidence.

3. Do dress properly.


Your interview starts the moment you enter the room. Your very first impression that you give on entering the room determines the future course of the interview. Do dress in a neatly ironed way. Do not wear highly casual clothes if you going to a corporate sector. Wear light and pleasant colored clothes. For guys neatly comb your hair but do not use excessive styling gels. Women should avoid putting loud make-up and avoid short dresses. Try to look as professional as possible. Your dress speaks a lot about your background and culture.

2. Do not be disorganized.


This is a very important quality in an employee. It should know how to plan itself  From time to the matter everything should fall in place. Reach for interview at least 15 minutes early. This gives you time to compose yourself. Arrange your documents neatly in a professional looking folder. Avoid shiny colors and decorative files. Arrange your documents in in order of their dates with the most recent one on the top. Have a crisp resume. Do not present folded and crumbled resume. It sets your impression on the interviewer. Be as organised as possible to show that you are a professional.

1. Do have an eye contact.


The most important requirement to crack an interview is to have an eye contact with the interviewer. Your eye contact shows that you are confident in what you are saying. It shows that you are honest and got nothing to fear about. It shows that you are interested and gives the interviewer an impression that he is important to you. Looking here and there during the interview shows your instability. While looking down or not facing him while answering shows your lack of confidence. So have and maintain an eye contact while you are on any one on one discussion.


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