Top 10 Best Ways to Save Water and Electricity

One of the areas that people have been trying to conserve is in the water and electricity that is being used. On average one person can waste two to three gallons of water per day. Add to this the amount of electricity that is being used during the day with lights left on, appliances turned on, and hundred of other ways. Multiplied by the billions of people on the earth you get a sense of just how much water and electricity is being wasted through simple innocent means. There are several simple ways to save on both water and electricity without costing a lot of money to do so. Here are the 10 best ways to save water and electricity that you can do starting today.

1. Run Washer and Dishwasher When There is Full Load

Many people will do loads of laundry even if there are only a few items that need to be done. This can waste a great deal of water very quickly. If you are doing a load of whites, then wait for a full load before you throw them in. The same goes for a dishwasher. After dinner, if the machine is not full, wait until it is. This can save 10 to 15 gallons of water on a daily basis.

2. Use Less Hot Water

As you are using the washing machine for full loads try using cold water instead of hot. Or, use a combination of hot and cold. When showering use a little less hot water and take 5 minutes off the total time you are in the shower. This will not only save on water, but also in the electricity to heat the water.

3. Use EnergyStar Appliances

The Federal Trade Commission requires that manufacturers supply an Energy Guide label to their appliances. This guide tells the consumer what they can expect in terms of electricity used. Those appliances with an EnergyStart label are going to use the least amount of electricity. While they may cost a little more than other appliances, the savings are found in your electric bill.

4. Turn Off and Unplug Appliances and Electronics

Leaving that television going all day, or that radio on when nobody is in the room is not going to save on electricity. Make sure these things are turned off if you are not going to be using them. One of the secrets of electricity is that appliances, televisions, computers, and other electronics continue to use electricity even after they have turned off. The best thing to do is plug several into one outlet strip and turn that off. This way you are not using any electricity. You may have to reset the clock on your VCR, but that’s a small price to pay.

5. Install More Efficient Lighting

In several places now the incandescent light has been banned and are no longer sold in stores. That is because they use a considerable amount of electricity when they are first turned on. Today, it is recommended that homeowners replace these incandescent light bulbs with the compact florescent lights (CFL) that are commonplace. These lights use much less electricity and last longer than regular incandescent lights.

6. Install Timers for Lights and Sprinklers

Want to have a great looking lawn, but save on water? Easy! Just install a timer. With this time your sprinkler system will turn on and off at times that you specify. Set it for 15 minutes at the end of the day for a great looking lawn. Also, a timer for your lamps and other electronics will help be a reminder that it is time to turn them off or go to bed, whichever comes first.

7. Use Room Specific Heating or Cooling

One of the biggest ways that a person can save on electricity is to switch from whole house air conditioning to room specific. This can also go for heating as well by installing different zones for controlling temperature in areas rather than having an entire house set at one temperature. Unoccupied rooms are the main area where this cooling and heating energy is wasted. Why cool or heat a room that nobody is in?

8. Collect Rain Water for Outdoor Use

Many outdoor activities can be done without the use of a hose. By installing a water barrel you can collect the rain water and use it for things like watering plants and flowers, washing the car, keeping the lawn green and lush, or even for use in a fountain or garden pond. This can save hundreds of gallons of water each year.

9. Fix Leaks Immediately

Leaks are the hidden menace to water conservation. Many times a leak in a pipe can go unnoticed for years. However, the leaks around the faucet, the water controls, or exposed pipes can be seen soon after they start. These leaks must be fixed quickly not only to save more damage to your home, but to save hundreds of gallons of water. It is important to continually inspect your home for other leaks that you may not notice as easily.

10. Keep Water in Pitcher

Grabbing for that glass of water can be costing you a lot of money in the water that you let go down the drain. Instead of turning on the faucet and letting the water run while it gets colder, keep a pitcher of water in the fridge. This way you can easily have cold water without wasting any water in the process.

Saving electricity and water is important in today’s age of going green. The resources of the planet are being overtaxed and overwhelmed by the amount of people living here. Take some easy steps to save on electricity use and the amount of water that is being wasted.


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