Top 10 Refrigerator Brands in the World

Are you a newly-wed couple and planning to buy your new refrigerator? Yet, you are not sure which brand to trust with. Good thing, you decided to look for product reviews and articles now. Knowing that there are a lot of refrigerator brands out in the market, you can’t decide which one will be the best buy. Worry no more, because here is the list of the top 10 Refrigerator Brands in the World.

1. SUB ZERO Pro 48

With its new insulation technology, it claims that its refrigerators consume energy like a 100-watt bulb does. With this idea, you’ll probably save a lot of your light expenses. However, it really depends on the way you use it. Much energy is consumed once its doors are always opened. But, you’ll be surprised because its Pro 48 model has glass doors, which will lessen the chances for opening its just to check what’s inside. In addition, it has stainless steel compartments which can help your foods stay fresh for a long period of time.


This is a French door refrigerator, and it price ranges to $1699. But the price justifies its features and appearance with its twin refrigeration system for separated freezer and fridge. Surely, it will help save much of your electricity expenses. With its three doors and large space inside, it can accommodate all your goodies. But according to reviews, the downside is its doors that don’t close tightly.


In the late Spring of 2013, you can see this on the market with its tag price of $3,999.99. Very expensive, isn’t? It is because this smart refrigerator has an Android system with touchscreen LCD, which will let you control the temperature of its cooling system. In addition, you can save files such as pictures and recipes, which comes very handy for those who love cooking in the kitchen.

4. LG LFX28978ST

This is LG’s own type of French door refrigerator which became available last 2011.  LG takes pride of its very large storage capacity of 28 cubic feet. Its slim design is perfectly great for regular spaces at home, so you won’t have a hard time for its set-up. In addition, you’ll be impressed how its saves energy with its linear compressor motor. However, its compartment is made of plastic, so expect that time will come that it will easily run out.


With its price at $1650, you will definitely consider this French top refrigerator. It is big and spacious with very elegant design. Moreover, it is rust free because of its stainless material. If you want safe water dispenser, this brand will never let you down with its internal filter process.

6. LG LDC22720ST

Its classic and stainless finish design is very impressive with its affordable price. Though it is only a 2-Door Refrigerator, you will definitely love its energy saving function. Its bottom freezer is perfect for easy access. However, there’s no water filter and internal LED lightning, but it doesn’t affect its efficiency.


It is one of VIKINGS’s professional series French door refrigerators. After the last reliability issues of its previous models, they claims that they have learned to make better units this time. This model is very different from their old ones. With its 3 years warranty, it boosts its adjustable thermal control drawers, which are exceptional these days. But if we consider the price, its capacity size is incomparable to other refrigerators that are much bigger.

8. Whirlpool W8TXNGMWQ

Though it’s white and classic styled, this refrigerator serves its purpose economically with its price at $499. It functions as what you basically need with advanced features of moisture controlled produce drawers.

Top 10 Refrigerator Brands in the World

9. Electrolux EI23BC56IS

Somehow, this French door refrigerator warrants its expensive price with its competitive features. Amazingly, it has 9-standard temperature controller with alarm system, found on its drawers, which you can choose for every goods you have. With its very stylish and sleek design, it’s still worth it.


This professional side by side refrigerator has enough door space you need. Though its downside is its plastic material, you can still enjoy for longer years, as long as you’re a responsible user.Still, it is an efficient counter depth fridge, which is considered as best buy at its price around $1200.


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