Top 10 Simple Tips On How To Troubleshoot Your Broken Appliance

The first step towards solving such a problem is by knowing what the exact problem is even before contacting an appliance repair expert. Here are some of the top ten things that you should look out for before calling an appliance repair service provider so as to avoid wasting time and money.

Is The Freezer Fine If The Refrigerator Doesn’t Cool?

10. The way the refrigerator works is by blowing the cool air from the freezer through a vent. Unfortunately most people don’t know the cooling effect in the refrigerator is from the freezer. Therefore if the vent, with a fan, is blocked then the fridge won’t be cool. In other words the freezer could be just fine and the problem is in the refrigerator’s vent.

9. It is also possible that you have a bad fan. So you can change the frozen sailor and get things back to normal. Changing the fan is pretty easy.

8. You should also check the seal at the door. Remember, air has a little moisture that could make icicles in your vent. Replace the seal.

Freezer and Refrigerator are both Not Cooling.

7. Unfortunately, there are chances that you will either win it all or lose it all. A bad capacitor will mean that your compressor will not be able to start properly. Although fixing capacitors can be as easy as changing the small batteries, they can be very painstaking at times. Since most of the terminal blocks in the market today are already built in such a way that they can take them, changing isn’t that hard. If you realize that the compressor is bad, though, you had better take it to a metal recycler and bring in a new replacement. As you may have realized most repair companies don’t want to associate themselves with self-contained cooling systems.

Water under the Refrigerator

6. More often than not, this problem is caused by the drip-pan overflowing. Therefore having too much ice is not a good idea. Moreover, you should make sure the connection to the ice-maker is working fine and the doors aren’t leaky.

Oven Won’t Broil

5. You should firstly turn on the burner element or the broiler to see whether it comes on. Then you should turn on the bake element at the bottom of the oven and see the results. This will help you in knowing where the exact problem really is! But if both of the elements don’t work then obviously you have a bad relay, circuit board or even timer. Use a flashlight to inspect any signs of melted spots on the individual elements because elements with such spots are faulty. You can buy the replacements online or in a local store.

Stove Burner Doesn’t Heat

4. If you realize that the stove burner has this problem them probably it needs to be replaced immediately. Replacing is very easy especially if you don’t have a glass top because it’s usually delicate and very expensive. Ensure you put the glass on a cloth or towel and not on a hard surface to prevent chipping.

Broken Appliances

Washer Does Not Spin

3.  Most people don’t actually know that this can be caused by a simple lid switch problem. This is the area where appliance repair service providers like making the biggest killing! This is a very easy fix and sometimes, maybe, you need a replacement because these things often rust and break off.  If you can’t get a manual on how to go about repairing it or have small kids and pets, you should consider calling an expert or simply buying a replacement.

Washer Does Not Drain

2.  Probably, if you want to find your lost tiny garments like socks, then you need to unblock your washer!  Take the back off and remove the pump of washer and you’re done.

Dryer Doesn’t Heat Adequately

1. You have obviously seen it inside the door of your dryer that you are supposed to clean the lint filter every time you use the dryer! If you haven’t done it get into it before contacting an appliance repairer. But if you have been cleaning it, you should either call the maintained man to clean the exhaust tube, especially if you are living in an apartment or call the experts.

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