Top 10 Must Visit Tourist Destinations in Europe

Europe is a continent with a variety of landscapes and a number of beautiful cities. Thousands of tourists visit various countries in Europe to enjoy the beauty and lifestyle of Europeans. Here is a list of top 10 must visit destinations in Europe:

10. Dubrovnik: 

The city is also known by the name – The Pearl of the Adriatic Is truly the most beautiful city to visit. This city was discovered by the Romans in the seventh century over a place known as Ragusium. The city has been under the rule of many different empires that includes Byzantine Empire between the years 867 to 1205, Venice till the year 1358, and Hungary till the year 1856 and also under the Ottoman Empire till the year 1806. The city is now an independent and a republic. During the sixteenth century this place is known to have the greatest trader army in the entire Mediterranean Sea. Until the nineteenth century Dubrovnik remained the main cultural center for Slavs from the south. The city has been attacked during the World War II which destroyed many important cultural heritages. But now the city is restored completely.

9. Madrid:

Madrid, the capital of Spain is decorated with wonderful examples of Spanish culture, including flamenco, bullfights, and museums. It is also well-known for its delicious tapas and the local wines. The travel to and from this city is relatively pocket-friendly as it is one of Western Europe’s must hit cities. The well-connected and cheap public transport and lower room rates prove to be budget friendly. The major tourist attractions are the Retiro Park, the shopping spot Mercado San Miguel, the museum Prado.

8. Florence:

Florence, the first name strikes when we talk about heritage and culture of Europe. It is also subtitled as Small town Italy. It is the center of traditional and ancient artworks by Uffizi and all the masterpieces. In 1982, UNESCO declared it as a World Heritage Site as it encompasses stunning architecture of the medieval period. It embodies the history of city from Roman Quadrilateral to the streets of the city, the lustre of Pitti Palace and the changes resulted when it was the capital of Italy. It boasts marvelous architecture, well known museums and Italian cuisine. One must visit the local stalls and shops along the narrow streets to have a true experience.

7. Berlin:

Berlin is another cosmopolitan city in the world like London or New York. It does not only offer all urban charms and funs instead it also offers history lessons to visitors. It has a  buzzing and raging nightlife, amazing and innovative fashion, and cultural museums. It has more than 175 cultural museums and various different theatres with a variety of performances everyday and more than 100 concert halls and opera houses or cabarets. It is very hard fact to believe that Berlin is well known for its Holocaust memorials and stumps of the Cold Wars. Being the capital of Germany, it offers all the fun that visitor wants and captivating sights which includes royal hotels , pubs, snack bars, restaurants or clubs etc.

6. Budapest:

This is the best place in Europe to visit which catches everyone’s eye. It is a most exhilarating place which is also named as ‘Paris of the East’. Although it is not the place which comes first to the mind of Americans planning for Europe buts its architectural and mesmerizing beauty are captivating everyone. It is well known for its cheap food or drinks and for its exquisite nightlife. It provides many eye catching sights away from the city center and many royal hotels are built charging reasonable rates. The Dhanube divides Budapest into two parts and it is true we cannot view everything from the cruise but can easily locate each and every place. It embodies a unique cultural harmony and rich heritage which is an authentication of city’s history.

5. Rome:

Rome is another well-developed, world beating city in Europe. It is known as ‘DUH CITY ‘which abounds voluminous Italian culture and its harmony like Madrid. The smell and aroma of Italian foods from the city’s royal restaurants or stalls on streets marked busy roads and is the best way of shifting one’s concentration from the hustle of the city to something very pleasant. Many historic monuments are like jewels of the city which astounds every visitor and marvelous architecture gives visitors the feel of Italian Culture along the Rome’s street. The Italian designs on the street are sufficient to gaze everyone’s attraction. In summer the visit of Vatican Museum is unforgettable, full of tourists all around with hotel charges at its height.

4.  Amsterdam:

Amsterdam is more than just a Red Light District. It is considered as the best place of entertainment for families as it has several museums for children, adventurous places for bike riding along the sideways of the canals or pancake eating too. It offers a lot thrilling experience for visitors. It has several fascinating hangouts for couples too like canal at dusk, royal restaurants, pubs, tulips etc. It has enormous world first class attractions including Anne Frank House and world’s biggest Van Gogh Museum. It offers an experience of several dishes and its taste in which French Fries are the most staple snack in their regular diet. It is among the minds of people for its notorious coffee culture all around the worlds with its greatest hubs in the city.

3. Prague:

Prague has been declared as the world’s most admirable and beautiful place to visit. Steeping into this city is like stepping into a fairytale. The city’s most exhilarating feature is its natural surroundings with green lustre plants all over the streets. This city was built on nine hills with Vltava river flowing a distance of 31 km across the city. The charming and captivating architecture of Prague Castle along with fantastic cafe culture adds more glory to the city. It has many royal and affordable hotels to enjoy. It offers local lagers and amazing facility of trams which in all contribute it to make this city ‘The Crown of the World’. The city’s love for music from jazz to rock is contagious.

2. London:

London, the capital city of the United Kingdom, is a royal city with some of the most expensive hotels and bars in the country. The main attraction is the world-class museum, the British Museum, which houses some of the most famous belongings of the royal family. The Tower of London and the famous night life are major tourist attractions in London. Seeing a musical in Leicester Square or a mime show in Covent Garden or touring the parliament are things you can do here. There is no language barrier in this city, which makes the stay a pleasurable one. However, the high prices of hotels in London feel like a burden on your credit card.

1. Paris:

Paris is also known as the City Of Lights. It is a fascinating place to visit during vacations. The most exciting sight River Seine divides the picturesque city into parts. River Seine provides a fantastic view of this city. This place provides an amalgamation of both cultural history and thrilling places. There are many architectural museums like Louvre and Musee D Orsay , the different monuments Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe etc. There are many shopping places to visit with renowned restaurants with cheap prices. Many churches like Sacre-Coeur and Notre Dame and gardens like Tuileries, Luxembourg have been developed for young generation especially. The Eiffel Tower is the biggest tower in the world is the most exhilarating and eye catching sight in Paris.


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